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Prostate massage may not help to every chronic prostatitis sufferer though it is worth the try and could help to a good proportion of affected men.

There was a study in California in 1999 showing how prostate massage can help.


Longstanding chronic prostatitis is common in men with an estimated prevalence of 10% and life time incidence of 50%. Chronic prostatitis is often stubborn to antibiotics and combining antibiotic therapy with regular prostatitis massage has been suggested as an effective therapy for men who seek remedy. In a study carried in the Institute for Male Urology, Torrance, CA, between Nov 1996 to Dec 1998, 73 men (average age 43.5 y) with chronic pelvic pain syndromes were treated with antibiotics and prostatic massage. Prostate massage was done 1-3 times per week for a median of 3 weeks and antibiotics were continued for a minimum of four weeks.

In this study, patients who failed multiple prior therapies, 40% achieved a durable resolution of symptoms with antibiotic therapy and massage.

Massage could assist in drainage of infected material and assist in antibiotic penetration within the obstructed spaces. For bacteria within a protective biofilm, massage may produce physical disruption and improve exposure of the bacteria to antibiotics and immune cells. In addition, massage may improve the blood flow and antibiotic delivery to the prostate. Finally, the massage may not be acting directly on the prostate at all, but may help break pelvic muscle spasm by activating local pressure points.


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