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PJ Form   


To make sure you have the best and most fulfilling experience we would love to ideally know a bit about you prior to meeting you. Please let us know and feel free to write anything else that would help us give you the best personalised treatment.  


This form is optional and confidential.   


If you are currently experiencing any prostate issues, namely ACUTE BACTERIAL PROSTATITIS, BLEEDING HAEMORRHOIDS, God forbid PROSTATE CANCER please DO NOT come. If you have a clearance from your medical practitioner after your prostate issues please feel free to come.  


  1. Do you have any health issues? No pain in your prostate region? 

  2. Have you ever had a naturist and sensuous massage before?  


  3. Have you ever had a Sacred Spot massage before? If yes, would you like to share more? (If no, don’t worry, you are in very safe hands with us :) 


  4. Are your intimate parts very sensitive or are you currently experiencing PE?   


  5. Are you currently experiencing ED or Chronic Prostatitis?  


  6. What dynamics of your full body sensual massage would you prefer the most? (please note ‘Bare’ prostate session does not include sensuality)  

       * firm massage, more pressure 

         * high quality therapeutic  

         * gentle, soft, relaxing  

         * more erotic aspect  


7. Usually and by default we massage your full body apart of your face and head. If you would prefer not to have  certain parts touched and massaged (such as neck, hands, feet) please let us know. 


8. All massage is given by default with hot oil 100% grapeseed oil (light, non-sticky oil with no scent). Alternatively we have a fresh 100% raw virgin coconut (sweet exotic smell) If you would prefer let us know beforehand. 


9. Would you like any of the following upon your arrival:   


 - still/sparkling water  

 - fresh tomato juice (Great for Prostate Health!) 

 - a selection of herbal teas (with honey) 


 Any session related questions? As they say in the US, there is no such a thing as a bad question (apart of asking us for escort or oral service) so please do! 


Thank you very much appreciated and we look forward to create an unforgettable experience for you. 

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