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physical and mental massage for relaxation


Please try to make your booking at least 48-72 hrs in advance.

Same day bookings mostly unavailable however you can inquire.


Thank you.

~ Choose one of our carefully curated massage treatments or let us create a personalised one just for your needs ~

Enjoy Your Prostate For Better Health And Gentle Surrender Into Unknown Pleasure

Tantrika therapist

"The prostate-induced orgasm hits differently because it is initiated from inside the body. It feels like you're being jacked off from the inside"

- sexologist Goody Howard, MSW, MPH.

Bare Prostate Massage Therapeutic
therapeutic body work tantra


Pure Therapeutic Prostate Massage Treatment 

(NO SENSUALITY components where your therapist is FULLY DRESSED.

Lingam is covered up during prostate massage


I recommend this session for men who have been told by their holistic urologist/andrologist to try prostate massage as a part of an alternative prostate therapy solution. 

Or prostate owners who have a history of having been sexually abused in the past. 

This session is for anyone who would like to try prostate stimulation for therapeutic reasons without the sensuality, nudity and tantra part.


I am fully clothed giving you a slow-paced, deeply relaxing, soothing, caring massage in a candle-lit, comforting, clean and warm environment.

You receive a therapeutic Swedish Relaxing massage first as the more relaxed you are both physically and mentally, the more enjoyable the prostate part will be for you. 

When fully relaxed we start massaging your prostate externally first via your perineum alongside your "back door" area. Men like this very much. 

Afterwards a sleek disposable finger cot is used or medical glove and plenty of quality back door lubricant. For the best experience, we use a helpful relaxing technique and enter gently and slowly your intimate area.  When the prostate is located we first stay still for a moment so that you can get used to the new sensations. Then we use soft touch for a bit, just to say hi to your prostate. Then we can start alternating various pressures and see what works best for you. 

We keep checking on you as your comfort at all times is so important. We use various massage techniques and we explore your entire prostate.

Men's well functioning prostate is an essential part of manhood as well as a potent erogenous part of you. Most men will feel pleasure sensations arising from prostate stimulation. Prostate massage used to be a standard procedure, few decades ago, for prostate issues (before the advent of antibiotics .... which are these days often oversubscribed which may be causing antibiotics resistance) Today prostatic massages are still recommended by holistic urologists for its preventative purposes as well  as its potential to alleviate prostate issues, usually chronic prostatitis and enlarged prostate.

From my prostate related readings as well as practice, I recommend full drainage of your prostate after the treatment (i.e. ejaculation) for best benefit. You can do it at home by your self or with your significant other.


Explore your own body and try today :) 


Therapeutic Prostate Massage Includes (hover on images) :

£120/1h, £170/1.5h, £220/2h, £270/2.5h, £320/3hr




card payment _edited_edited.png

Cash or Card with a discreet Reference.

Euros and U.S. Dollars accepted yet early notification needed

(add £10 for exchange)

Extra fee £50 incurs for sessions starting at/after 7 pm

'The Beauty of Your Life is Predicated on the Richness of Your Sensuality'

- Lebo Grand

London Bridge massage therapy

external prostte massage
swedish massage city of london

Prostate Massage


Preceding to external prostate massage treatment we first make you deeply relaxed as this is so essential; you'll receive a beautiful, naturist sensual EAST-MEETS-WEST TANTRIC style full body MASSAGE as well as elements of a Swedish Massage to arouse all your senses; alongside a relaxed, soothing environment with candle lit atmosphere, ambient relaxation music, warm environment, sensual hot oil, sensuous, gentle as well as proper massage, your stress melting away in the process.

When it comes to the right time we begin external prostate massage, ideal for those who are not yet comfortable having an Internal Prostate Massage. While this technique is not as effective as a direct, INTERNAL PROSTATE MASSAGE, it is a good start and you can still experience great benefits as well as pleasure. Once you experience some of the sensations from this, it might encourage you to go next time a little further and move onto internal P massage. In external prostate massage we massage your perineum, which is the area between your scrotum and anus, also known as gooch, and this way indirectly stimulate your prostate gland. Read more on External Prostate Massage.

This is a lovely treatment which can culminate in you feeling physically lighter after we finish as well as feeling mentally and emotionally weightless.

Explore your own body and try today :)

Sensitive Prostate Massage Includes:
(hover on images) 

£200/1h, £295/1.5h, £380/2h, £470/2.5h, £560/3h

Card or Cash. Discreet Reference.

card payment _edited_edited_edited.png

Euros and U.S. Dollars accepted yet early notification needed 

(add £10 extra for exchange)

Extra fee incurs for sessions starting at/after 7 pm

tantric massage central london


Prostate Massage

Iconic Tantric Sensual Naturist G-Spot Massage

(Recommended for first timers. 90min ideally for novices for optimal session)




internal smooth massage

Experience an extraordinary sensual prostate well-being journey that will leave you feeling alive, ecstatic, and joyous. Prior to the internal prostate massage, we ensure deep relaxation, a crucial component of the experience. You'll receive a  lovely EAST-MEETS-WEST-TANTRIC style, naturist full-body massage designed to awaken all your senses. Combining elements of Swedish massage in a serene environment with candlelit ambiance and soothing music, my gentle yet firm touch melts away all your stress and tension.


Your full-body massage is vital for enhancing the enjoyment of the prostate massage which ensues. After your relaxing massage, we begin external prostate massage via the perineum, gradually moving to the "back door" area. This pleasurable process is introduced gently and slowly, ensuring your comfort throughout. Relax. You are in safe hands and in safe space. Once your prostate is located, we employ various massage techniques to stimulate and explore it fully, ensuring a personalized experience tailored to your preferences.


Stimulating your prostate can awaken new sensations, letting you experience your physical self on another level, and at the same time enhancing your overall well-being. We also incorporate a sensitive lingam massage simultaneously, leading to heightened pleasure and a sense of lightness afterward.

A well-functioning prostate is not only essential for manhood but also a potent erogenous zone.

Embrace the exploration of your body and book your session today!

'SMOOTH' Prostate Massage Includes:
(hover on images)

£250/1h, £345/1.5h, £440/2h, £540/2.5hr, £640/3hr


Cash or card with a discreet Reference.

card payment _edited_edited_edited.png

Euros and U.S. Dollars accepted yet early notification is needed

(add £10 for exchange)

Extra fee incurs for sessions starting at/after 7 pm

sensual massage and prostate therapy


The Ultimate Tantric Sensual G-Spot Massage Experience

(Recommended for more or less experienced prostate owners) 




Experience the full potential of your body and prostate with the opportunity to explore the exhilaration of a double joy orgasm, transcending the ordinary penile climax.

Prior to the internal prostate massage, we make you deeply relaxed, a crucial foundation for the experience.

You'll indulge in a sensual naturist full-body massage, seamlessly blending my EAST-MEETS-WEST TANTRIC style with elements of classic Swedish massage. Set in a serene environment with candlelit ambiance and soothing music, my aim is that my touch melts away all stress and tension, fostering unity of your mind and body.

Your relaxation is paramount, enhancing the enjoyment of the prostate massage.


Following your full-body nude Tantric massage, we begin external prostate massage, gradually easing into your  "back door" area. This pleasurable process unfolds gently and gradually, ensuring your comfort throughout.

When your body and mind are in the right state, we initiate gentle and slow massage of your P-spot, stimulating your prostate gland and awakening new sensations. Using various pressure and G-spot massage techniques, we work together towards the best  prostate experience for you.

During your milking prostate massage, your prostate gland most likely will start "milking" and detoxifying, leading to deep internal relaxation and enjoyment for most prostate owners. Some may even achieve climax solely from prostate stimulation, a gratifying experience.

Our aim is to guide you toward the Big O, however if I see this is not happening on this occasion we incorporate a lingam massage alongside stimulating your prostate, akin to the pure Big O.

You may experience shudders, gasps, and a ripple of energy throughout your body, leaving you feeling liberated, free, and fully alive. After the P Milk Detox session, many prostate owners report a physical, mental, and emotional reset, with a wonderful sense of well-being.

Why settle for a 'happy ending' when you can experience a 'happier ending'? Just as women can achieve stronger vaginal/G-Spot climaxes, men may unlock ineffable experiences when their 'Sacred Spot' receives the right attention.

Explore your body and embark on a  journey.

prostate milking detox massage

Prostate 'MILKING DETOX'  Includes: (hover on images)

£295/1h, £395/1.5h, £495/2h, £595/2.5hr, £695/3hr

Cash or card with a discreet reference.

card payment _edited_edited_edited.png

Euros and U.S. Dollars accepted yet early notification needed

(add £10 extra for exchange)

Extra fee incurs for sessions starting at/after 7 pm


10 Tips
Before you have your
Prostate Massage 

1. Arrange prostate massage if you are fully open to it in your mind 

2. Not sure about prostate massage just yet? Take it slow, get a nude sensual massage without prostate first and get comfortable with your prostate massage therapist and the environment. Any questions just ask. 

3. Don’t drink any stimulants (especially coffee, energy drinks) 3-4 hrs before so that you get more in the body instead of staying in your busy and caffeine wired mind 

4. The longer you can abstain prior to the experience, the better ..

5. Have a relaxing warm shower a short while prior (be it in your place or my studio) 

6. Don’t drink too much water prior to session and make sure you do wee wee before session 

7. Make sure you don’t have any prostate massage MASSAGE CONTRAINDICATIONs

8. Don’t worry about accidents as there really aren't any! 

9. Relax all your muscles and follow breathwork pattern prior to G Spot massage 

10. Enjoy, have no expectation and see where your prostate can take you  

Pouring Massage Oil

Would you like to try safely a

Sacred Spot

Sensual Massage? 

PJ Form

Prior to your session:

f you can give us some hints as to what you like so if you could give us some answers to our PJ Form this would be helpful in order to create the best experience for you. 

P J Form   


To make sure you have the best and most fulfilling experience I would love to ideally know a bit about you prior to meeting you. Please answer as best as you can and feel free to write anything else that would help me to give you the best personalised treatment.  

This form is optional and confidential.   

If you are currently experiencing any prostate issues, namely acute bacterial prostatitis, bleeding haemorrhoids, God forbid prostate cancer please DO NOT come. If you have a clearance from your MD/GP after your prostate issues please feel free to come.  


1. Do you have any health issues? No pain in your prostate region? 


2. Have you ever had a naturist and sensuous massage before?  


3. Have you ever had a Sacred Spot Massage before? If yes, would you like to share more? ( If no, don’t worry you are in very safe hands with me :) 


4. Are your intimate parts very sensitive/are you currently experiencing PE?   


5. Are you currently experiencing ED or Chronic Prostatitis symptoms?  


6. What dynamics of your full body sensual massage would you prefer the most?

     (please note ‘Bare’ prostate session does not include sensuality)  

      *firm and deep tissue  

      *high quality therapeutic  

      *gentle, soft, relaxing  

      *more erotic aspect  


7. Usually and by default I massage your full body apart of your face. If you would prefer not to have certain parts touched and massaged (such as neck, hands, feet) please let me know. 


8. All massage is given by default with hot oil 100% grapeseed oil (light, non-sticky oil with no scent). If this does not suit you please let me know (in advance) and we will come up with an alternative such as 100% coconut oil.

9. Would you like any of the following upon your arrival:   

      - still/sparkling water  

         - fresh tomato juice (Great for Prostate Health!) 

         - a selection of herbal teas (with/out honey) 


Any session related questions? As they say in the US, there is no such a thing as a bad question (apart of asking me for sex or oral service) so please do! 


Thank you very much appreciated and I look forward to create a (hopefully) memorable experience for you. 

london bridge welness studio

Therapeutic, Pleasurable,

Professional, Hygienic, Clean & Safe

Tantric Prostate Massage Service

So that your Prostate Massage is hygienic and safe,

we use either finger cot or medical gloves. 

other services

Just as there are gift vouchers for Swedish massage, so there are gifts of prostate treatments. Be it your friend's or beloved one's Birthday, expressing Thank You or just Why Not, you can give a gift of relaxation, better prostate health and pleasure all in one 🎁 

tantra massage gift certificate


Prostate massage brings health benefits and heightened, intensified pleasure, there are a conditions that are potentially not compatible with it. These conditions you would most likely be aware of given often pain/urine discoloration etc is present. 

PROSTATE CANCER - could interfere with the cancer and spread cancer cells further

ACUTE BACTERIAL PROSTATITIS - stimulation could spread bacteria 

 PAINFUL HEMORRHOIDS - painful and would worsen situation further

ANAL FISSURE - painful and worsening of fissure





!!!!!  Besides the above, who ever is to give you your prostate stimulation, always make sure they DO NOT have long, sharp nails, use a finger protection and plenty of lubrication (I have had men sharing with me their painful experiences due to nails, sorry but to me this is too worrisome and inconsiderate!!)  Your prostate tissue is very sensitive and you dont want any prostate tissue scarring or hemorrhoids bleeding if too vigorous. !!

Any questions regarding your Canary Wharf massage service please let us know.


Successful Sensuous Sensitive Prostate Treatment:

infographics for massage health and safety

What Products I Use in Our Sessions?  

We believe in quality over quantity. We use as natural products as possible to give the best attainable experience besides our main ingredient – Massage Therapy itself.  


Bellow are products I use: 

Alcohol Wipes - Pro Hygiene collection



Disposable Eco biodegradable Bed Sheets, Hand Towels and Pillow cases  - super absorbable and 100% germ free 



Light, non-sticky, no scent 100% Grapeseed massage oil and a variety of aromatherapy essential oils (flower and herbal ones) all vegan, cruelty free and ethically sourced.


Non-toxic Natural Candles 

from ethically sourced Swedish NON-GMO and additive free rapeseed oil, with a clean burning void of toxic paraffin, benzene, toluene, soot or fume. 

Coraz Home Store 



Purely Prostate Massage Items:


Water Based Safe Dermatologically Tested Lubricant  

EagyGlide Adult Store 



Finger Cots/Medical Gloves 

Hand Sanitizer 

Eco Hydra antimicrobial alcohol free foam

Prostate Massage

Reservation, Inquiry, Comments

Canary Wharf


INCALL studio -  located between London Bridge and Tower Bridge, closest station London Bridge station 2-5 min away.

Address given upon a confirmation of re confirmation of your reservation.

OUTCALL/Mobile/ available in Central London (London Bridge area, Mayfair,
City of London, Knightsbridge, Green Park, Marylebone, Oxford St, Park Lane
Westminster, Victoria) as well as Canary Wharf. Extra fee incurs.

Thanks for submitting!

men benefiting from massage

london city at night

Interesting Places to Visit Around London Bridge and Tower Bridge

prior or after your session if you fancy

Borough Market

Famous London's historic large stylish market near London Bridge station exit Borough Market, with delicious international street food, fresh produce, seafood, artisanal products and al fresco dining. Perfect place to get a bite to eat after your Tantric massage.

london bridge borough market

The Shard

Shard near London Bridge is a 72 story sky scraper nearly 310 metres tall, making it the tallest building in the UK. You can visit bars, restaurant or a great viewing platform at the top. Or go to the spa with its various menu of therapeutic and sensual massages and treatments or pool on the top. 

london bridge sky scraper the shard

Thames Path

Picturesque walking trail alongside the river Thames, England's best known river with lots of restaurants, bars, eclectic shops, street vendors and artists alongside London Bridge. In case you are early for your sensuous massage appointment you can enjoy the beautiful sights.

Read More >
Thames Path near London Bridge

Golden Hinde

In this part of Central London, only a minute from London Bridge itself, you find the hidden historical gem, a gorgeous reconstruction of the first English ship to circumnavigate the globe. Even ship captains used to get a renewing massage for their tired muscles in times of the original Golden Hinde.

Golden Hinde near our London Bridge studio

Winchester Ruins

Just 5 min from London Bridge, this English Heritage was a 12th century palace where Bishops of Winchester used to reside. This place is literally one min from our wellness massage studio :)

London Bridge ruins

Tate Modern Museum

Located 10 min from London Bridge, this is London's famous art gallery housing UK's national collection of contemporary and international modern art. Great cafe on top with a lovely view of the animated Thames river. Or at times nude portraits exhibitions where you can get ready for your nude sensual massage ;)

Tate Modern only few min from our therapy room

Shakespeare's Globe

Gorgeous reconstruction of the open-air Glove playhouse only short stroll away from London Bridge,  in which Shakespeare used to work and write his plays. As much as we know he himself enjoyed sensuality and playfulness of words during his time spent near London Bridge.

London Bridge short walking distance from Shakespeare's Globe

The George Inn

London's only galleried coaching inn established in the 17th century and often frequented by Charles Dickens. This historic pub in the vicinity of London Bridge is of national importance and owned by the National Trust. You can always get the famous English Fish and Chips and ponder sensuality while people watching.

Pub near London Bridge

Tower Bridge

Amazing suspension bridge in London, built between 1886 and 1894, is one of the top things to see in London, only short stroll away from ProstateJoy. Enjoy panoramic views from the glass floor walkway of the bridge as well as the permanent exhibition. Check out bridge lift times as that is too special to miss, really exciting to watch, seriously competing with our exciting sensual massage therapy.  Located only a few min from London Bridge.

the famous tower bridge is nearby

London's Eye

Europe's largest observation wheel, being on the very top of London's Eye you can see up to 25km far when clear sky. Enjoy one of the London's Eye's 32 capsules (representing 32 of London's boroughs) after your London Bridge quality massage. This is an engineering marvel worth visiting about 12min from London Bridge.

London's Eye is perfect experience after our sensuous massage

HMS Belfast 

Floating museum warship moored on the river Thames, only few min from our treatment Tantric massage studio, you marvel at this massive cruiser from 1938 which was initially part of the British naval blockade against Germany during the WWII. Only few minutes from London Bridge and great for history buffs.

Museum on river between Tower Bridge and London Bridge

London Bridge Station

London Bridge station is the oldest railway station in London and one of the oldest in the world given it opened in 1836.  It is the fourth-busiest station in London with both underground (Jubilee and North lines) and many train  connections. From London Bridge you are only a short stroll away from our Sacred Spot wellbeing studio :)

London Bridge station is about 4 min from us :)
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