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What is Swedish Massage?

Here at P J we include elements of Swedish Massage in all our sessions. As we perform most sessions in the nude (apart of the therapeutic only "Bare Prostate" massage), we include this traditional and all time favourite massage technique in our repertoire, interlaced with body to body sliding, sensual touch and Tantric elements.

Swedish Massage is probably the most well known massage undertaken using various pressures (choose from light medium or firm) and techniques including kneading, circular movements, long strokes, joints movements are used in order to increase relaxation and muscle tension release. It relaxes and loosens up tightness and it is very useful especially for people who have sedentary jobs as well as after exercising. It can release tension in shoulder area, neck and lower back increasing blood flow as well as helping to drain the lymphatic system, nerve endings are stimulated and relaxation ensues.

Let us know if you would like we spend more on some parts of your body. Our naturist Swedish massage includes the whole body unless some place you are not comfortable to be touched. Typically we start massaging your shoulders, back and legs before you turn over.

In our massages we use gently warmed natural Grapeseed oil which caresses the skin. We have various aromatherapy essential oils which we are happy to include, please ask. Alternatively we can use exotic sweet smelling 100% cold pressed coconut oil for your massage.

Relax with our sensual original mood enhancing relax massage therapy today :)

Warm hug and a bright smile,

P J 🌼


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