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woman massaging man firmly yet with care

Sensual Massage
Without Prostate Massage   

Please try to make your booking at least 48-72 hrs in advance.

Same day bookings mostly impossible.


Thank you.

I enjoy giving a nurturing, delicate, loving and slow paced Sensual Massage which is accompanied and enriched by intricate Tantric Lingam Massage and can be enjoyed either on bed with extra hard mattress or Sensual Massage Table (Milking Table). If you enjoy Assisted Bath Ritual with customised refreshments we can arrange. Or 

Sensual massage is about being connected to your body and all its senses and what makes you feel “floatingly good”, inviting your physical self to savour the moment and the pleasure.


Sensuality is intrinsically within each of us and can be accessed at any time, and perhaps the most abundantly with Sensual Massage where all senses are awoken – the sense of touch, smell, sight, sound and taste.


In my individually tailored treatments, I use organic natural hot oil which creates an amazing sensuous feeling which can be augmented with sensual arousing aromatherapy essential oils. My favourite ones are aphrodisiac Ylang Ylang flower, Tantric love oil, Rose, Magnolia 

Orange or Lavender. 


I use sensuality heightening items and various types of touch from gentle stroking, lightly caressing to alternating pressure and body to body massage. Your Full body massage is paired with quintessential collection of music to let your mind body and soul drift away. 


Our expression of sensuality is slow paced, nurturing, smooth and tactile, for your utmost harmonious experience.


I massage your inner thighs, bum and other intimate and sensitive areas including the lingam. If you are not comfortable being touched somewhere, please do let me know. Your back, chest, tummy, legs, hands, arms and neck will also receive sensual massage touch for your utmost enjoyment. I use hot oil and warm hands preceded by any Sensual Accessories you might like to experience. 

My aim is to create for you a wholesome connection of your body and your senses in a truly pleasurable way.  Enjoyment is deeply rooted in sensuality, bringing its healing properties as well as a sense of liberation.


Serendipity can be found in deep journeying within sensual experience while reclaiming your bodily self on the other side.

so called milking table for massage
milking table massage

Massage on
a Sensual Massage Table
aka 'Milking Table' 

My sensual massage table seemingly looks like a traditional massage table with the exception that it has been customized to be comfortable and even more pleasureable for a man and his very intimate parts.  So, gentlemen, no more need for shifting, wiggling of your cherished and delicate parts. What makes even more for an ultimate erotic sensual massage experience is to add a Tantric Edging therapy.

Enjoy your Sensual Massage with this special harmonious fusion of comfort and a crafted sensual pleasure with well placed openings for not only your head but also for your intimate area. 

This sensual table design is crafted to enhance the natural gravity force, promoting improved blood circulation to the groin area. This unique physiological advantage heightens the experience of pleasure and sensitivity, offering an unparalleled experience that surpasses traditional massages.

In safe hands, indulge in an unprecedented relaxation and surrender: Embracing a face-down position on the milking table massage invites a state of vulnerability and surrender.


Double the pleasure with this memorable and fascinating dual massage experience; receiving wonderful massage on your back and bum and at the same time focused Lingam Massage. 

Life is much more interesting with diverse experiences. Arouse your senses with novelty and amplified pleasure. 


£250/1h, £350/1.5h, £450/2h

Cash or Card with a Discreet Reference.


Euros and U.S. Dollars accepted

yet early notification needed

(add £10 for exchange)


Extra £50 fee incurs for sessions starting at/after 7pm

water element sensual tantra bath ritual with flowers
Sensul bath ritual

Customized & Shared 

Sensual Bath Ritual &

Can be added as part of 2+ Hr massage session with or without prostate massage,

Includes personalised refreshments



My sensual Bath Ritual was inspired by a traditional, soothingTurkish Hammam bath ritual which I had the pleasure to experience in Istanbul. 

It was a unique, amazing relaxing wellness experience where I was looked after softly and expertly by ladies and felt renewed, re-set and invigorated after.

 It feels nice to be pampered once in a while and I would love you to feel the same. 

Sensual Bath Ritual is a shared and assisted bathing experience. It is an inviting, tranquil treat and a sensual, therapeutic, serene accompaniment before massage of your choice as it helps create a feeling of deep relaxation. 


It is relaxing accompaniment before your massage as it helps loosen up your muscles, soaking your skin in the mineral rich bath as well as soothing your mind.

We unwind in an extra large, double ended modern bath tub where only natural bath ingredients are used, be it organic natural bath salts,  bath bombs, flowers, petals, citrus fruit, herbs, bubbles, bath oils. 

This is a customised experience which needs to be pre arranged. I would also send you a customisation option list so that we would create the most delightful, nurturing experience that suits your preferences and wishes. 

Our Bath Ritual can be a powerful way to reconnect with your body, indulge in self-care, and celebrate your sensuality in a soothing, private, safe, comfortable and intimate setting.


Cardiac conditions and diabetes.

Add Bath Ritual can to any 2hr +Massage session of your choice.

Costs is 2hr massage session + £100 extra for Bathing. 





 Cash or Card with a Discreet Reference.


Euros and U.S. Dollars accepted

yet early notification needed

(add £10 extra for exchange) 


Extra fee incurs for sessions starting at/after 7pm


Tantric Lingam Massage
foam massage sensual_edited.jpg


Sensual Foamy Massage

One part of me enjoys to look for something new, quirky and exciting. 

This includes the whole wide and 'colourful' world of massage practice. 

Let me introduce to you my new and upcoming Sensual Foamy massage,

  a luxurious and indulgent experience that combines the elements of touch, scent, and sensation to create a deeply relaxing and pleasurable sensation while applying warm, fragrant foam to your body, starting at your shoulders and working their way down to your feet. The foam is light and airy, enveloping your skin in a soft, cushiony embrace.

With soft hands, I begin to massage the foam into your skin using gentle, circular motions. The foam creates a silky lather that glides effortlessly over your body, releasing tension and soothing tired muscles.

It is quite like the wonderfully relaxing Hammam foam massage with a sensual touch.

As the massage progresses, you feel yourself sinking deeper into a state of relaxation. The sensation of the foam against your skin is incredibly sensual, heightening your awareness of touch and sensation.

I  pay special attention to areas of your tension, using varying pressure and techniques to release knots and melt away any stress you might have incurred in London. With each stroke, you feel tension melting away, leaving you feeling weightless and utterly blissful.

 The combination of heat, foam, and caring, loving touch creates a very pampering sensation that leaves you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed :) and your body and mind in a state of harmony. You emerge from this foamy massage and ready to take on the world again.

This lovely sensual foam massage is an experience for all your senses with a memory to cherish.

man excited to receive a massage

Tantric Lingam Massage


2 Handed prolonged Lingam massage using

multiple techniques

Healing Grib


Rock Around The Clock

King's Crown

Lingam Cradle

Wring It Out

Hold Me Tight

Palm Boogie



1,111 Pettals  

Lingam Shiatsu

Perineum Vibration

Frenulum Salutation

Ball Ring Cross

Ave Maria E

Endless Strokes

Sparking Fire

Spread the Energy

Belly Delight


Rainbow Rub

Finger TipTop

Country Skiing

£200/1h, £295/1.5h, £380/2h, £470/2.5h, £560/3h

Cash or Card with a Discreet Reference.




Euros and U.S. Dollars accepted

yet early notification needed

(add £10 extra for exchange)


Extra fee incurs for sessions starting at/after 7pm

sensual nails on mat ready for unique massage session

'Bed of Nails' 
Sensual Massage

The original ever 'bed of nails' comes from India and some yogis can do incredible acts on this unique 'bed'

My sensual bed of nails massage is a specialised massage or sensory experience involving a bed  covered in hundreds of small, rounded spikes - modern twist of the original "bed of nails" . While it may sound intimidating, these nails are designed to provide a stimulating and pleasurable sensation rather than causing discomfort or harm. 

This sensual bed of nails is designed to increase stimulation of your skin and sensory receptors throughout your body. When you lie down on this amazing bed, the numerous points of contact with your skin can create a unique and arousing sensation. It is reminiscent of acupressure. It helps the muscle's tension melt away.

Despite the initial perception, many of my guests find that lying on this sensuous bed of nails can be surprisingly relaxing! The tingling sensation of gentle pressure lead to increased blood flow, endorphins and oxytocin release, which can promote your relaxation and stress relief, get focused more on the present moment,  enhancing your massage experience and increasing sensory awareness. 

If you love trying different and refreshing experiences, this one is definitely beckoning to be tried out ;)

£200/1h, £280/1.5h, £360/2h, £440/2.5h, £520/3h




Cash or Card with a Discreet Reference.


Euros and U.S. Dollars accepted

yet early notification needed

(add £10 extra for exchange)


Extra fee incurs for sessions starting at/after 7pm


touchching flowers delicately

"Massage is the study of anatomy in braille"

- Jack Meagher


I  have a range of sensual accessories including but not limited to:



As a standard I use scent free Grape Seed oil - a fantastic natural, non sticky, light textured oil with anti ageing vitamin E for the best benefit of your skin elasticity and health. Alternatively if you prefer I can prepare a virgin cold pressed 100% coconut oil (let us know in advance if you would rather like coconut)



I have a range of optional quality natural oils you might like to add to your session to arouse the senses.

Some of the oils I use are:

Pure Lavender Oil 

- soothes and calms the nervous system helping relieve any anxiety one might have about sensuality, at the same time it has a delightful floral scent.

Ylang Ylang Blossom 

- this fragrant oil from the rich yellow delicate flower found on the exotic island of Madagascar helps calm the mind and boost positive mood, readying one for an orchestra of sensuality. 

Rose Oil

- known as the "Queen of Oils" this floral delicate oil combines with with our massage carrier oil and helps to bring about a feeling of comfort, vitality and boosting confidence. Rose Oil is well known as a potent aphrodisiac. We love using quality rose oil (as it helps us reduce nervousness that some of our clients feel initially) as an addition to our Sensual and Tantric Massages then followed by prolonged and gentle Lingam Massage with or without Sacred Spot Massage.


Hot lave stones in combination with ice can help wake up dormant sensual energies and it can help magnify arousal as it acts on our skin's neuro-receptors where increased blood circulations is taking place. A rush of amazing sensations comes through as an after effect of random patterns of hot and cold are used on the different parts of the body. 

Hot and Cold sensual experience goes well with blindfolds to increase tactile sensations.


Experience heightened sensations of touch, smell, taste and hearing as sight is deprived. Our other senses intensify as one is "lost".


I use various accessories that have a light yet stimulating textures to tingle the skin and arouse the senses as we search out your erogenous zones. 


Feel these amazing subtle sounds vibrations tingle the senses and vibrate deep within you.



Unique 3-in-1 candle which melts into a warm nourishing massage oil acting as a moisturiser, delivering hydration, this luxurious massage addition adds a natural relaxing scent enhancing pleasure as well as increasing therapeutic benefits from botanical oils and butters combined with heat penetrating deeper into the skin helping to ease muscle strains and tension, renew energy, sooth arthritic pain and inflammation. This is a wonderful Spa like addition to your session. 

​​​​Let me know your preferences and curiosities you wish to explore and anything you would like to try as long as it is within our boundaries. 

sensual massage oils in a bottle - myrrh, frankincense and lavender

Massage Therapy

One of the oldest types of medicine.

Sensual Massage Benefits


There are so many benefits of massage and that includes sensual massage. Having some 'me' time to relax, get into one's body instead of constantly being stuck in the mind are priceless. Restore your inner balance between your mind body and spirit and remove any blockages with our naturist sensual therapeutic massage. 


Relief of Stress and Tension

This usually applies to most massage types and that is their primary purpose. With have added sensuality elements so it is extra special as also often dormant pent-up sexual energy gets to be released. 


With the application of proper pressure alongside Swedish massage techniques this is spiced up with our naturist sensuality releasing cortisol stress hormones and muscle tension. This results in you becoming an enlightened physical and emotional being. 


Included but optional delicate and prolonged Lingam massage hand relief is the pinnacle of your relaxing therapeutic, as well as arousing massage. This will help you face up to any of London's various challenges. 



Uncovering Sensuality Layers

Let your sensuality potential flourish with one of our delicate sensuous massage treats. Practice makes progress and the more you learn about your sensual spectrum the more you find out there might be a whole new unknown for you to explore. That might also include your own Sacred Spot. Explore and discover for yourself what feels nice for you as well as what can feel nice for others to receive in your own intimate life.


Immunity Booster and Pain Care

Since a quality nourishing massage decreases cortisol and increases natural oxytocin, endorphines and serotonin, it is a natural anti dote to any dis ease. A good dose of endorphines acts as the perfect remedy to help pain to diminish its potency.

As Hippocrates famously stated, "Anyone wishing to study medicine must master the art of massage" we firmly believe this to be truth and are hence dedicated to providing a true, loving as well as stimulating sensual naturist massage therapy.

tantric massage time/ woman massaging man

"Self-care is not selfish. You cannot serve from an empty vessel."

- Eleanor Brown

Sensual Massage And More...


Did you know a sleeping sensuality can be awoken, expressed and experienced in many different ways besides our Sensual massage therapy?



Some of the embodiments of sensual experiences are:


Ecstatic dancing

Watching a beautiful sunset

Savouring a juicy peach

Pleasurable bath

Eye gazing

Float tank experience

Listening to a heart beat

See how you feel today and what type of sensual mood you are in. We would be delighted to receive you if you choose our professional full-body sensual nude massage therapy with sensuality elements. Come and experience our delightful body on body naturist massage with skin on skin slides, kneading, rolling, gliding, smooth strokes as well as tantalizing Tantra.

Booking, Inquiry, Comment

- Eleanor Brown

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