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  •  Joy, I have never tried internal prostate massage before. Is there anything I can do to prepare for my session and what is the ideal length of my first prostate massage?

Great question, the most important is that you are simply open to the experience and let go.  

As the mind factor is the most important. With deeply relaxing massage and my prostate gentle technique and you will have the most enjoyable experience there is. I strongly recommend to have a minimum of 90min session for the first time given its essential to form a connection and trust prior to massaging your prostate.

What position will I be in for the prostate massage?

You comfortably lye on your back on the Japanese futon with your legs apart and resting on your therapist's legs. 

Is massage performed with a finger?

Yes, index finger it is. Protected by either a condom or latex free, vinyl disposable glove. Finger nails always short trimmed. This is very different from your regular digital rectal examination as both set and setting are like 

anight and day in comparison. 

  • Joy I have hemmorhoids, is it ok? 

Yes its fine and relatively common. As long as there is no bleed and no pain to the touch

you can receive prostate massage.

  • Do you use gloves?

You can chose from either vinyl, disposable gloves or condoms for prostate massage. 

Both are effective and assure a safe and hygienic treatment.


  • What is the difference between prostate massage and prostate milking Miss Joy? 

Prostate massage is shorter, from few minutes up to about 10/15 min.

Prostate milking is longer and more intense than prostate massage, about 20-30min in length within which time the prostate gland secretes its so called "milk". 

  • I have erectile dysfunction can you help Miss Joy?

Prostate massage is usually beneficial to men with ED and Ive had many clients experiencing the massage benefits for themselves.

  • I am open to try prostate massage. I am just nervous

Its quite common to be nervous the first time. If you prefer you can first try deeply relaxing and sensual massage with external prostate massage and next time internal prostate massage. I use relaxation technique for internal prostate massage beside relaxing massage itself which tends to be very effective in helping you let go fully, let any tension go and relax fully into it. 




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