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I have never tried prostate massage before. Is there anything I can do to prepare for my session and what is the ideal length of my first prostate massage?

The most important is that you are open to the experience and let go.  Our naturist massage with soothing and therapeutic elements of relaxation, sensuality and arousal (with the exception of 'Bare' prostate massage which does not include sensuality) alongside our prostate gentle technique will bring you the most enjoyable experience there is. I strongly recommend to have a minimum of 90min session for the first time given its essential to form a connection, trust and fully relax prior to massaging your prostate.

If you worry about "accidents", from my experience, that is extremely rare. As long as you dont feel an urge to go for number two to the toilet, I can rest assure you that we will be fine. As any stool there might be in is above the prostate region. We use either finger cot or medical grade gloves every time so that it's all highly hygienic. We are as well very clean as well as keeping the studio very clean.  It is required that you are thoroughly showered and clean as usually there is no place untouched (unless you specifically say to not go some place).

!!! ALSO PLEASE BEAR IN MIND that for the best experience the intention is that you get more into your body rather than staying in your (chattering) mind. So ideally you will stay away from any caffeine drinks (at least 3-4hrs prior to your visit) which keep your mind busy. In respect to coffee it acts as well as a diuretic for many people and so you might need the toilet during your session, which is fine yet it is more ideal to have an uninterrupted time.  

What is the difference between 'Bare' prostate and 'External Smooth' prostate? 

'Bare' prostate massage is purely therapeutic in nature where your therapist is dressed, you are in your 'birthday suit' and receiving a Swedish relaxing type of massage. When relaxed, we gently progress to a quality prostatic massage. Bare prostate is perfect for prostate owners who are interested in prostate for purely therapeutic reasons. Sensual aspect is not necessarily what they are seeking and sensuous touch is NOT included in this treatment.

Central London 

External Sensitive massage is where your therapist joins you in nudity (or can keep a thong if you prefer), and you enjoy East meets West Tantric sensual massage. Later comes to having your prostate massaged from the outside only, which can be first stepping stone to feeling more comfortable trying in the future our 'Smooth Internal' massage. 

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What position will I be in for the prostate massage?

You comfortably lye on your back with your legs apart and resting on your therapist's legs. This tends to be the best position though everybody is different so if you like something different let us know please :) 

Is your prostate massage performed with a finger?

Yes, we use my middle finger as it is the longest one.  So far we have been able to reach every prostate. Some men have prostate positioned more up and some closer to the back door..

Finger (or two if you prefer)  tends to be the best to use, given its sensations and flexibility.  If you are prostate fan already and would like to try something new, such as a 'toy', you can always ask!  

Is prostate massage safe?

Man's G-Spot massage is very safe unless you you have contraindications in which case you would most probably be aware of. 


Re massage we trim our nails very short, always use disposable/one use hygienic protection and plenty of water based lubricant. Prostate experience is very different from your regular digital rectal examination as both set and setting are like a night and day in comparison. Your session includes a wonderful massage before we start gently stimulating your G-spot.

Do you use gloves?

We use either a disposable finger cot (aka "mini condom") which is perfect for this. Or latex-free, vinyl disposable medical grade gloves in case someone has latex allergy or simply prefers gloves. 

Both are effective and assure a safe and hygienic treatment. 

Do you have shower facility? 

Yes, a nice modern, clean rain shower is awaiting you before and/or after your session. As well as a range of shower gels and a shampoo.  A fresh, clean hot towel is always ready for you. 

To see my facility and shower view My Massage Room please. 

While having prostate massage, can I receive two reliefs?

From our experience with prostate massage in fact we recommend the best is to abstain for as much as possible for the best P massage experience. Re two climaxes it would not be the same potentially epic experience... In case you are sensitive we do our very best that we keep you 'at the edge' till P massage itself and you go 'over the edge' with your P massage alongside a simultaneous lingam massage towards the very final stage. 

If you would like two energy reliefs we recommend our Tantric Sensual Massage at least 1.5hr where we can assist you in becoming physically and emotionally lighter around the beginning of the session and final part. Extra fee may apply. Thank you. 

I have stubborn chronic prostatitis. Can prostate massage help?

A substantial proportion of prostate owners who visit us have issues around their prostate region. Most of our clients are affected by persistent prostatitis which has lasted a while and where antibiotics have not made a difference. This issue usually creates a  sensation of heaviness and discomfort in and around the prostate.

As long as we are certain that this is indeed chronic prostatitis (your urologist would tell you) we can give you a good and thorough prostate massage.  In cases of acute prostatitis we can NOT go ahead and the best place for you to go is your urologist.

An increasing number of urologists who look after their patients from a holistic and integrative perspective, are open for them to try prostate massage in a safe setting and even encourage them to do so. 

From my experience it appears that approximately 8 out of 10 men with chronic prostatitis benefit greatly from this massage and I truly enjoy hearing how much it has helped them. 

What does prostate orgasm (aka Big O) feel like?

This is something that everyone feels and describes a little different. 

Some of our clients describe it as an electric-like pleasure sensation being felt all over their whole body, rather than just in and around the penile region. Others feel euphoric, lightheaded and describe a sensation as if floating.  We even had someone comparing it to nature's own poppers. 

One way or another there is usually a massive release of energy and a long lasting pleasure wave. It can take a while to come back to 'normal'. Afterwards, many of our clients are digesting this experience for some time as it is just so different from a regular orgasm...

The body's reactions we have seen to this massive wave of pleasure is shivering, intense pleasure cramp, big moaning, etc. Most men feel like having a huge energy release breakthrough.

 Even if a prostate owner does not reach the Big O and we get to climax via lingam massage while massaging your prostate, there is still something amazing taking place; there are usually thicker erections and orgasm feels still stronger than the usual one. As prostate stimulation usually acts like a 'charger' to help the lingam function better. 

What does a normal prostate feel like? 

What does a normal prostate feel like? 

Your prostate gland should feel fleshy, soft and smooth when in a relaxed state. Younger men naturally have a smaller gland but with age many prostates grow, yet as research shows, with a healthy overall life style men can minimise this.

If, in a relaxed state, the prostate feels hard, firm AND uneven this can signify possible prostate problems such as Prostate Cancer. Your urologist is the best person to asses your prostate gland if you experience any prostatic issues and you should visit sooner rather then later, for peace of mind. 


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Is a release included in my fee? 

Yes there is hand relief included in all sessions apart of the the purely therapeutic 'Bare Prostate' session. In Prostate Milking the aim is prostate orgasm, purely via your prostate and if this is not achieved then you have lingam massage hand relief. 

I recommend to have release given we properly massage your prostate and a good 'flush' can only be beneficial for your 'man's centre of gravity'

Please note there is strictly never any  s e x  including no  o r a l  s e x  ever done in sessions as part of a release. 

Do you provide full service/oral sex?

No I do not provide such service as that is too intimate. Besides I am all too aware of STDs being all too common in London consequently within my massage sessions I always strictly exercise safety, top notch hygiene and other safety protocols for all parties.

For escort services do consult Miss Google and refrain from asking me.

Thank you  

I am scared of STDs and don't want to catch anything, can you help?

So am I. I am well aware of all sexually transmitted diseases as well as how they may transmit.  I do not participate in any oral activities with my guests nor any s e x performance. STDs are a very common occurence in London and I cherish my health too much to take any chances. Furthermore it is just way too intimate to do with clients. 

Part of my premise is that I am very, very hygienic and think of clients the way I would like to be treated. Hence I strictly have freshly washed towels, use disposable materials such as finger cots and medical gloves, disposable biodegradable bed absorbable sheets as well as alcohol wipes. Plentiful of tissues, soap etc at all times. 

Are your facilities wheelchair friendly? 

Very sorry unfortunately there ARE stairs and so deems to be unsuitable.

Do you provide Outcall? 

I can provide visiting massage to your hotel in Central London however I always prefer to perform my treatments in one of my my sanctuary massage ensuite studios (in Central London, zone 1, next to London Bridge station) which is fully private, discreet, serene, comfortable, clean and very inviting. All equipped for a relaxing experience. 

Guests tend to compare our facilities to en suite rooms in 4/5* London hotels.

Of course shower, fresh towels, refreshments guaranteed. 


When I visit you there is extra fee £200 (on top of session fee)  and min 1.5hr session duration. Non refundable deposit is often required as part of outcall booking. 


I encourage you to visit me in my Central London, zone 1 (London Bridge) location and save the outcall fee. Massage premises I use are as of 4/5* hotel en suite rooms and always clean, comfortable, relaxing and arranged in a way to support the best soothing massage experience for you. Discreet in every sense. 


I look after you in a way I would like to be cared for - in a caring, respectful, gentle manner and making sure you are always in a clean, hygienic and safe space.

Do you require a deposit?

At this moment in time and in general terms, I give a benefit of doubt and don't request a deposit.

However in certain cases I do request a  deposit  which is non refundable if cancellation occurs 3 days and less prior to session time. 

I have to cancel. What do I do?

Time is non renewable for us all. For me, time is very special and I do not waste this dear commodity. I understand at times we all have unforeseen circumstance happening in our lives and have to cancel our already confirmed appointments. If this happens in our case, I request and appreciate £50 cancellation fee when cancelled 12hrs and more prior to our session timings and full fee when last minute notice few hours and less prior to our appointment time. 

Thank you  

Is this legal?

Yes in the United Kingdom any sensual, Tantric, naturist sessions and lingam massages are all perfectly legal. As long as the practitioner is not forced to provide such service by a 3rd party involvement. 

Hence you don't need to worry. 

Can you accommodate a special request? 

If you have anything on your mind which is not mentioned in my offerings you can always ask. Apart of asking me for so called 'full service' aka intercourse or any oral activities which I never engaged in with session seekers. 

I don't judge people's fantasies and if 

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