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Enjoy Your Prostate For Better Health


Gentle Surrender Into Unknown Pleasure


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Sensual Prostate Massage Practitioner

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Most prostate owners experience heightened prostate pleasure of various degree.

Joy's Gallery 

sensual massage london bridge

Take care of your prostate as you only have one.

sensual massage gem

This is the size of most prostates


Sensual massage for sensuality seekers


You may be only one massage session away from a good mood 


Free Your Self from tension.


'The human mind is like an umbrella – it functions best when open'
Walter Gropius

Be open minded and try different things ❤️


Your Prostate is a real gem 


I know only of one tiny little accident in all the 2,400 sessions.  That is a risk of 0,07%.


Soulful Lingam Massage by hand only included [ if we dont get to the  pinnacle of pleasure solely with your prostate] 

 (apart of the 'Bare' prostate massage experience) 

And this is how men's prostate looks like. 

IMG-7531 (1)-min.JPG

Men's prostate gland is a heroine - true multi-tasker! 🙌🏻

IMG-7530 (1)-min.JPG

Responsible for mens' erection


IMG-7529 (1)-min.JPG

Filters and removes toxins


IMG-7533 (1)-min.JPG

Can help achieve mind blowing orgasms, so called  'Big O'

IMG-7535 (1)-min.JPG
IMG-7532 (1)-min.JPG

Can help  with erectile dysfunction

Manages the flow of urine ... very important!

IMG-7537 (1)-min.JPG

Super essential in sexual drive... 

IMG-7538 (1)-min.JPG

May alleviate premature ejaculation

IMG-7534 (1)-min.JPG

Helps to produce semen 😇

IMG-7539 (1)-min.JPG

Mixes prostate fluids with seminal vesicles 👍🏼

image_123986672 (4)_edited_edited.jpg

Pumps semen which may result in procreation

image_123986672 (5)_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Essential part of your hormone metabolism 🥇

image_123986672 (6)_edited_edited.jpg

Prostatic secretion can help protect woman against urinary infections 


Perfect hygiene is too important even more so for sensual Prostate Massage


A prostate gland cannot be replaced for a new one so best to take a good care of it ❤️


The greatest wealth is health 

green tea prostate wellness-min_edited.j

Have some fresh, loose green, white or oolong tea for best anti oxidant protection, your prostate will love you for it ❤️

canary wharf massage

There ar different sizes, textures and positioning to prostate glands.

A bit like the variety within a rainbow ;) 

What is yours? 

Tantra practitioner massage_edited.jpg

Fresh papaya is one of the best prostate foods

sensuality massage tantra

Love your prostate.


Nearby Borough Market is full of varied spectrum of foods - great stop after your therapeutic, sensual, relaxing massage session?

canary wharf sensual

I ❤️ making your prostate feel good

At Winchester Ruins near Borough Market time seems to be flowing backwards

With the Roman goddess of wisdom Minerva near London Bridge station

Golden Hinde replica in London Bridge - especially great for history buffs

massage studio london bridge-min_edited.jpg

HAPPINESS is like rising bubbles; 

delightful and inevitably fleeting..

massage studio tower bridge-min.jpg

Joyfullness is to nurture and watch our plants grow in our massage studio ❤️

Hi and Thank you for visiting PJ site! Would you like to know how I became interested in the small, walnut like shaped prostate? 

I initially heard about the prostate when one of my close relatives was diagnosed with an enlarged prostate. A few years afterwards another two close relatives of mine were diagnosed with prostate cancer. They chose to go in the conventional path of radiation and surgery.  Both are alive and ok yet these treatments have evidently left some physical, mental and emotional 'scars' on them. 

I have since been asking myself, 'could this have been prevented'? 

Since several years now I have become increasingly  interested in this little ball shaped gland within the man's "back door". 

As I have been generally interested in a healthy life style including nutrition, exercise, naturism, relaxation techniques and other well being modalities, this has come quite naturally to me.

After "diving" into this subject and being initiated into this practice I have witnessed some amazing moments and uplifting experiences - be it a genuine relief to the prostate in case of enlarged prostate or chronic prostatitis or various degrees of enjoyment and even prostate climax! Some men like to have prostatic massage as a part a healthy lifestyle.​

Since I started practicing prostate massage, I have undertaken over 2,400 hours of prostate treatment experience ranging from 1-3 hours per session.


I have enjoyed reading multiple books on prostate Including men who were diagnosed with prostate condition including a prostate cancer and chose to go the alternative path - treating naturally. There is a whole spectrum of diverse information on prostate conditions. 

Besides prostate massage I am also experienced in 'East meets West' Tantric massage, Swedish massage and tension relief body work.


I have developed a unique sequence session for the best G-spot massage (from naturist hug to nude body work tension relief, Tantric massage, relaxing technique, various prostate pressure, prostate 'mapping' and P-spot massage techniques.​

When done right, about 80% of novices enjoy prostate massage the first time!

From pure enjoyment to heightened pleasure to orgasmic bliss.

Not to mention a happy prostate with a better blood flow, prostate relief and detoxifying properties!


From the remaining circa 20% of prostate owners

About half of them gets heightened pleasure the second time around - when they already know what          prostate stimulation feels like and their brain can interpret the different sensation signals better.  

The other half of prostate owners might take a little longer to feel pleasure from G-spot massage or, for some, the prostate might simply not be their erogenous zone.

Therapeutic benefits are still there, nevertheless. 


With prostate owners who already have some experience, it can be worth pursuing the mind blowing prostate climax point. This is something that often comes with practice, better body awareness and patience. For some men it takes longer than for other men to 'awaken' so to speak, the prostate fully. 

massage at sunflower fields

Massage Therapy Inspiration

Like you, I love massage as well. I have experienced many types of massage styles in and out of London which has also given me a perspective on what feels good in regard to massage techniques as well as the right relaxing massage environment and products and items used 

Some of the massages I experienced I list here. I have met some wonderful massage therapists along the way.

In England:


English Lavender relaxing massage on Mayfield lavender farm

Ayurvedic massage Fulham 

Relaxing massage by a blind therapist in East London

Hawaiian Relaxing Lomi Lomi combined with Sound Healing in North London

Huna Hawaiian massage in Strawberry Hill, South London

Sports Massage near London Bridge

Authentic Tantric Massage by a lady in Soho, London

Tantric Massage by Tantric Master in West London

Light Sensual Massage near Sloan Square, London

Siberian Banya, scrub and massage in Hoxton, London

Ayurvedic massage on a barge near Tower Bridge London.

Reiki and relaxing massage in Central London.

Tantric massage in East London

'Spiritual' massage from a mobile female therapist to my London home

Thai 'lazy man's yoga' massage by a female outcall therapist in London

Portsmouth Swedish relaxing massage in a wellness spa

Authentic Tantric massage case study by Tantric masseur candidate




Authentic Tantric Massage in Prague, Czech Rep.

Beer Spa and Relaxing massage in Prague, Czech Rep.

Relaxing Swedish massage in Hamilton, Bermuda.

Erotic massage in Faro, Portugal.

Tantric massage in Barcelona, Spain.

Relaxing Swedish massage in Madrid, Spain

Beach massage in Costa Rica.

Hammam experience including body scrub and relaxing massage in Istanbul, Turkey.

Shirodhara massage and herbal patly massages in Sri Lanka.

Ayurveda massages in Goa and Kerala, the cradle of Ayurvedic medicine, India.

'Floating' massage in the Blue Lagoon, Iceland. 

Traditional Balinese Massage in Nusa Lembongan, Indonesia

Eastern Authentic Tantra Massage, Bali, Indonesia.

Besides those I have had a few massage swaps. I especially appreciate a quality of touch (nurturing, warm, sensuous, soothing, loving...) rather than a particular precise massage technique itself


Tantric Massage workshops in London, UK and Barcelona, Spain (2013-2021)

Swedish Massage qualification, Barcelona, Spain (2014)

Anatomy and Physiology, Barcelona, Spain (2014)

I fully recommend prostate massage to all men, be they novices or more experienced ones :)

Let yourself explore the "dormant" places in your body and where it may take you ..

Come and see me in Central London; I am friendly, very feminine, well-traveled,

multilingual, born in Central Europe.

I am pleased to give you some well deserved 'me time' besides a prostatic experience,

in a positive, clean, safe, discreet space. 

We can always discuss your curiosity and wishes and what the session might hold for you at the time of booking.

Now just to make sure we are on the same page, despite my sessions being of a sensuous nature (apart of 'Bare Prostate') I do not ever offer/agree to any oral sex activities or intercourse in my massage experiences.

I believe in Health being the biggest Wealth and this reflects on my practice where I not only use the most hygienic approach but also am conscious of London being the real hot spot of STDs. Besides that sex, including oral activities, are for me simply too intimate to practice with my wonderful guests. 

Any more questions you'd have? Please  CONTACT  me! Happy to help. 

Random Facts About Me:

  1. My motto is; Always look at the positive side in anything. 

  2. My big travel dream is to undergo the Pan American highway trip. 

  3. I love avocados too much in any shape or form, you could almost bribe me with them! 

  4. I think sloths are super adorable and can't wait to meet one, one day.

  5. I am a non-fiction book worm.

  6. I believe there are (often hidden/dormant) unfathomable powers within each of us. 

  7. I am ticklish on my knees.

  8. Being a jogging enthusiast and animal lover, I hope to meet one day the English female ultra-athlete Fiona Oakes.

  9. I am a global citizen embracing all races, cultures and beliefs. 

  10. My favourite massage is the relaxing Hawaiian, Lomi Lomi, ideally received whilst on the beach listening to the waves lapping the shore. 


Tantric Massage Practitioner

I have had the pleasure to be recently joined by Hope - a warm, sensual, feminine, professional, very talented and skilled massage therapist originally from Central European country. She is of a positive and upbeat personality, trained and certified from the art of Classic Relaxing Massage and is also an experienced G-Spot masseuse. Hope is fully competent in massage techniques including Swedish massage. Since Hope trains and exercises on most days this reflects amazingly on her body to body massage with amazing body slides. 

Hope has a lovely sensual well formed body 

She has been trained by me in the art of prostate massage and I would highly recommend her.

Hope excels at therapeutic body work and has been working in this field for 5 years.


She has been continuously receiving a superbly positive feedback from our client base including a praise for her Deep Tissue Massage. Her massage skills are complimented  by an amazing sensual and a very natural personality and her delicate, gentle touch is outstanding. When we do a Four Hand Massage together I get 'in the zone' just from watching her intricately woven, slow paced massage techniques as well as the natural energy she brings into it. 

When ever Hope can, she herself loves to go for a massage receiving either Relaxing massage therapy with medium pressure or Deep Tissue Massage for tension and tired muscles. Through receiving massage she has learned what feels good and this has contributed to her learning and applying this to her massage techniques and style.

See images of Hope below. Even more beautiful in person. Inside and Out. Come and try her silky yet firm and caring touch. 



Classic Relaxing Massage



Deep Tissue and Sensual Massage With Prostate Massage

10 Random Facts About Hope:

  1. I love reading. Books lead me to another dimension.

  2. I like to learn new things, and I embrace my inner nerd. 

  3. I love writing. It helps me to process my thoughts.

  4. I am lost in thought and “in my head” a lot. 

  5. I am getting exciting when I am about to start workout.

  6. I search for meaning and purpose, even in small things.

  7. I don’t watch TV.

  8. I am a very sensitive person. Figuring this out was life-changing.

  9. I’m a football fan.

  10. I love my life. 


What a fabulous session with Hope today. Great deep pressure massage as well as sensual. Loved it. Thank you! 


- D, The City of London

Hope is very sensual. I enjoyed the massage so much and her natural, friendly personality. 


- Abraham, NYC.

Please let Hope this was an unforgettable experience. Loved the prostate massage like nothing else before! She did an amazing job!


- L.B., UK

Please say a huge 'Thank you' to Hope from me, Ive had many massages and this one was one of the very best ones! 


-Liam, Amsterdam

Hope is amazing Thank you! Will be back soon for another session with her.


- Mateo, Canary Wharf

I felt so comfortable with Hope throughout, cannot believe the G-Spot massage felt so intense. Electric like feeling! Thanks much see you when next time in Central London.


- Owen, Knightsbridge hotel

It was a great service, Hope was warm and very skilled in giving me massage. I visit next time try the prostate massage! Thank you and have a blessed day. 


- Ching, HongKong.

I just wanted to say that I had a good time with Hope!

She is indeed really feminine and I shared a really special moment with her.

Anyway, many thanks again, and Hope was really good recommendation.

- George, Spain

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