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soothing relaxing massage for tired muscles

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Once in a while the Gods approve of a special journey, on this occasion my Greek Odyssey.

It all started way back when a Gentleman found his way to me, he was in need of a Prostate Massage recommended by his holistic urologist.

This olive skinned gentleman with dark flowing hair was Greek and was on a business trip to London.

The massage was delivered and with much relief of his discomfort he departed home.

Returning to London frequently for business his relaxing, therapeutic as well as Tantric Prostate massage session became a regular fixture in the calendar usually at his epic hotel in Central London.

The Gods however became restless with humanity and sent a virus upon the world restricting travel and changing lives.

My Prostate Gentleman’s position changed and travelling to London became impossible.

However the need for therapeutic prostate massage was apparent and a message was delivered requesting a visitation to Greece.

Normally this would not be possible but coincidences and serendipities prevailed and the stars aligned.

Arrangements made I touched down on the beautiful Greek island of Corfu. Arriving at the luxury villa I was greeted warmly and with eager anticipation. My four night stay provided ample opportunity to deliver long slow soothing, remedial massage sessions at least twice a day. Much relief was gained from this intensive programme.

Time between massages sessions was spent exploring the island visiting near deserted beaches, motor-boating to hidden away coves and swimming with horses in the Ionian Sea.

Alas time up I returned to London, my odyssey completed. What happened to my Gentleman? Why the Gods smiled upon him and his career changed again and is now regularly in London much to the gratitude of his prostate.

As to further adventures, a new odyssey, who knows what the Gods will say!

With sunny hugs 🤗

Joy xxx


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