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Enjoy Your Prostate For Better Health And Gentle Surrender Into Unknown Pleasure

Gentlemen, are you looking well after your

third gem? 

Only males have a prostate gland which exists in the pelvis and is about as big as a round walnut.

Enjoy The Magic Of Your Prostate For Better Health And Pleasure

Traditional/History Perspective


Millenia ago, tantric masters in India and the Orient spoke highly about acupressure points on the prostate and perineum, resulting in a therapeutic health as well as heightened pleasure.  People believed that regular prostate massage could help maintain a better sexual life and enhance personal sexual performance. Kings and sultans used to receive prostate massage, performed by monks, to maintain their sexual abilities as strong as possible. 

From the point of Eastern Tantra and Taoism,  the male G-spot and prostate gland is akin to a storehouse of emotions. This is the place where men store their negative energies; in fact the Taoist view suggests that about 80% of negative emotions are stored within the prostate while the rest of the body holds 20% of the emotions.


Prostate massage releases emotional as well as physical toxins from your reproductive system.

In the West, prostate massage used to be performed by doctors as a standard treatment for mostly chronic prostatitis and enlarged prostate. With the advent of antibiotics, prostate drugs and privacy issues this practice was abandoned. Prostate drainage is still used in many parts of the East as an alternative method of therapy and natural support of healing. 

Health Perspective

prostate walnut.jpg

Prevention is the best insurance. Optimal healthy lifestyle is important. Nourishing nutrition, exercise, positive mindset, toxin free environment and intimacy all play its part in good prostate health.  Gentle G-spot massage is only one aspect of prostate health care, yet a very potent one, given it can temporarily reduce symptoms of prostate issues. Prostate drainage can help the prostate gland clean itself in and out. Medical research has demonstrated that regular ejaculation and sexual activity including detoxifying prostate massage reduces the risk of prostate cancer. 


It may be able to help treat erectile dysfunction given the improvement in blood flow resulting from massaging or milking the prostate. Erections are mostly a result of good blood flow and

with regular prostate massage, men report firmer, thicker erections. 



It can improve urine flow. If a man has a swollen prostate, the prostate can irritate the bladder, causing the urine flow from the bladder through the urethra to be slow. With massage such inflammation may decrease hence improve the situation.


As much as it is rare, this may happen. Any infection or inflammation in the epididymis, prostate or seminal vesicles, tight pelvic floor muscles can be reduced by prostate massage and make ejaculation less painful.



Before the advent of antibiotics, prostate massage was the standard treatment for chronic prostatitis. 

Both  bacterial as well as non-bacterial infection of the prostate can cause painful inflammation. Conventional treatment currently is the use of antibiotics. However the often misuse and over subscription of antibiotics may wreak havoc on one's intestines (which are a big part of our immune system as well as the gut-brain axis). 

Prostate stimulation can help relieve stress and swelling by releasing fluid that has accumulated in the prostate.

Chronic prostatitis sufferers can benefit from prostate massage however acute, painful prostatitis is contraindicated. 

Some doctors have been using prostate massage as a treatment method with positive results.  

Prostate massage generally improves the effectiveness of antibiotics that treat prostatitis.

Talk to your urologist first before considering prostate massage for your condition.




Prostate massage promotes drainage from the prostate duct alleviating  swelling symptoms of enlarged prostate in the process. For men over 50 years old this is an extremely common problem. The most common issues are painful and frequent urination. 



The prostate is responsible for the production of semen, the removal of toxins and the control of sexual drive.  Myofascial release of prostate gland and better oxygenation stimulate blood flow and detoxification which is beneficial and protective for men's sperm. Not only that, G-spot massage more often than not releases more semen than lingam orgasm itself. 

Regular massage can be an alternative way to increase chances of conception.


It may help in the prevention of prostate cancer, alongside other healthy life style factors.

Pleasure Perspective


Allow yourself to experiment a little and "dive" into the man's sacred spot which is packed with thousands of sensitive nerve endings.  To the vast majority of men, when this erogenous area is stimulated it feels beyond good! In reality, some men are able to reach orgasm from proper prostate stimulation alone. This orgasm is very different from the genital one and men often compare it to a blissful, whole body orgasm. In the process, often a transparent liquid is released through the urethra - so called prostate milking phenomena.  In my work I've seen this type of experience a number of times with my eyes! It is incredible just to witness! 

Men are often able to feel prostate pleasure for extended time and some of them, as above mentioned, can have intensifying g-spot experience, bringing them to a state of flow, a pinnacle of orgasms, if they fully let go.​

We only have one body and it is great to explore it in and out. Prostate gland stimulation unlocks sensations unlike any other as well as joyful and often more intense orgasms than you have ever had.

Prostate is one of your biggest erogenous zones, why not find out by experiencing it 


"The true method of knowledge is experiment."

- William Blake

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