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Prostate massage is a great plus in terms of men's health. It can form one beneficial part of optimal care and disease prevention for your amazing prostate. Healthy eating, exercising, relaxing, being sexually active all making a positive difference for your prostate and beyond! :)




Take care of your prostate as you only have one!

Healthy Lifestyle = Healthy Prostate Gland!

Sexual vigor and prostate health go hand in hand

Prostate Happiness Guide

man full of optimism

Healthy, positive mind

for healthy prostate eat healthy fruits and veg

Healthy diet

do fitness for your prostate


support your blood circulation to help your prostate

Good blood circulation

regular prostate activity and its efficacy

Being sexually active

mind relax projects into a happy prostate

Rest. De-stress. Relax.

  • ​It can help remove toxins from the gland

  • More oxygen can reach the gland alongside better nourishment as a result

  • It can improve blood circulation and chi in the area

  • It can reduce and soothe pain as well as inflammation in the area

  • Comfort and healthy nerve stimulation in the area​

happy man holding sign 'why prostate massage'


man holding a model of prostate gland

Prostate Massage May Help With:

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH)

Chronic Prostatitis





Erectile Dysfunction (ED)​​

Help your prostate with these


Your fantastic prostate will reciprocate with an optimal performance :)

avocados, nuts and other omega 3 rich foods

avocados, nuts and other omega 3 rich foods

Omega 3 inhibiting chronic inflammation in prostate.

green apples

green apples

Organic apples with anti-inflammatory flavonoid quercetin.

detox with water

detox with water

Filtered, clean water part of detoxification.

seeds and fibre

seeds and fibre

Grains, seeds, nuts, cooked steel-cut oats - fiber rich foods helping move carcinogens out of the body.

various spices

various spices

Ginger, cinnamon, turmeric - strong antioxidant herbs, anti-cancerous properties, prevent cancerous tumours.

probiotics and prebiotics

probiotics and prebiotics

Supporting healthy immune system which protects from cancerous cells forming.

powerful nutritious mushrooms

powerful nutritious mushrooms

Reduce the level of prostate specific antigen

sea minerals

sea minerals

Kelp - iodine rich, full of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, proapoptotic.

the beauty in a glass of red wine

the beauty in a glass of red wine

Polyphenols found in grape skin or red wine act as cancer prevention.

power trio - broccoli, Brussel sprouts and cauliflower

power trio - broccoli, Brussel sprouts and cauliflower

Cruciferous - full of cancer fighting abilities.

colourful berries

colourful berries

Antioxidants in berries great defence against free radicals.

fresh cooked tomato

fresh cooked tomato

Lycopene in fresh tomato sauce has strong anti-tumour and antiangiogenic properties.

prostatehealth book


Dr. Katz's Guide to


From Conventional to Holistic Therapies 

How to prevent & treat prostate disease with the latest 

breakthrough from traditional and alternative medicine.

Center for Holistic Urology

Columbia University

Your wonderful prostate is well when you relax, have a "can do" mindset, exercise and live in toxin free environment. 

prostate model hinting on measuring prostate size
image of a happy male

Laughter releases the body’s natural opiates into the bloodstream, dulling pain and improving mood.

Clean home

Non-toxic, calming home environment.

the joy of running

Physical activity such as jogging, brisk walk, circuit weight training.

man meditating on top of a mountain

Meditation Even few minutes each day goes a long way.

man exercising in nature

Yoga Combines movement and relaxation, meditation, increases flexibility, strength while incorporating breathing.

man in qi gong flow

Qi-Gong coordination of one’s mind intent, breathing and postures.

love your self and others

Love for self and others.

natural prostate bath ritual products

Natural products for your skin, cleaning, painting, garden, etc.

potency of breath work

Deep Breathing Great and quick stress diffuser.


Dr. Katz's Guide to PROSTATE HEALTH

From Conventional to Holistic Therapies 

How to prevent & treat prostate disease with the latest 

breakthrough from traditional and alternative medicine.

Center for Holistic Urology

Columbia University

prostatehealth book by katz m.d.
prostate health in 90 days book by larry clapp

Larry, Ph.D., who had prostate cancer describes his own of why he decided against medical advice, stuck to his guns and embarked upon a journey of healing his prostate naturally. 

healthy prostate book by ronald bazar

Ronald has written several books on prostate, a topic he knows loads on given he used to suffer with an extreme case of BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia) aka enlarged prostate..

'Healthy prostate' is a comprehensive book on real health, prostate prevention and healing the prostate naturally without often the side effects of modern medicines. 

prostate health by katz

Easy to read by any laymen, gives a good info on both conventional and natural alternatives to prostate conditions. 

top natural remedies fo prostate health by romero

Great book from Brandon who is a strong supporter of men's health. He lists various potent prostate super foods, herbs, supplements, exercise etc. 

healing the prostate by dr mark stengler

A very readably written science based book by Dr Mark who gives advice on prostate conditions prevention, life style recommendations, prostate friendly diet, the importance of relaxation, etc.

He thinks holistically about prostate problems and embraces both natural and conventional treatments. Highly recommendable!

anal pleasure and health by dr. 'anal'

Dr Jack Morin, aka as Dr Anal, was a very respected famous therapist in the USA before he passed away. In Anal Pleasure and Health he discusses anything about the back door, prostate, pleasure, anal health, safety etc. Great, informative book.

man food by ian marber

UK well known health writer and nutritional expert Ian Marber includes a fair amount of information on prostate and prostate related issues and how to potentially reduce/mitigate symptoms with prostate friendly foods and prostate supplements. 

Recommended Prostate Videos:

A Man and His Prostate (2020)

a man and his prostate show image-min.png

A great show raising awareness about the importance of prostate health and prostate checks! 

It is a humorous and poignant exploration of men's health, particularly focusing on issues related to the prostate gland.

Based on real events dealing with a serious prostate condition and the various challenges and experiences a man can encounter along the way...It is entertaining as well as it sheds light on a subject that is often considered a taboo and unfortunately uncomfortable to discuss openly. 

I really enjoyed watching this as it is a fusion of health education, humour and great theatrical experience. 

Happy I found this little nugget and would recommend to watch to any prostate owner!  

prostate related.png

I have been aware for quite some time now that black men are unfortunately more prone to get a prostate cancer. This recently released documentary film sheds light on the disproportionate impact of prostate cancer on this community. It explores the factors contributing to this disparity, including genetic predispositions, socioeconomic challenges, and barriers to healthcare access (especially within the USA context) The film includes interviews with medical experts, community leaders, and individuals affected by prostate cancer, highlighting the importance of early detection, education, and advocacy in addressing this issue. Through informative content this documentary's aim to raise awareness and conversation on this topic, especially within the African American community. Watch this and see what may or may not resonate. 

Useful Prostate Links:

certificate of sexual medicine international society-min.png

Good tips from William who used to suffer from prostate issues

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