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I recently found myself on the beautiful island of Bali, also known as the Island of Gods.

With its relaxed outlook, fantastic food, sunshine, Balinese spirit and long stretches of golden and black sand. To me it felt very spiritual, warm, balmy, intriguing and welcoming. 

One evening I spotted a bearded gentleman giving a Tantra and mysticism audience to a small number of people. The following day I found him alone so stopped to say hello. 

After much discussion he recommended that I would benefit from his authentic Eastern Tantra massage and gave me details. 

Eastern Tantra is very different to Western Tantra...

After much deliberation I decided to take his advice and pre arranged a long 5hr session for one evening. 

On that day, from my home stay I walked barefoot on beach in my light weight dress drawing up the earths energy as I went along. 

Passing partygoers and dogs on my way the bars and restaurants in the early evening seemed busy and noisy. I was heading to the quiet end of the beach. 

My heart rate increased as I drew close, was I doing the right thing? After a few minutes, as the noise quietened and was replaced by a gentle sounds of the sea I found the venue. The door was down a quiet side alley and lead to the first floor. 

I was greeted by the magnificent setting sun which seemed to occupy the whole of the open doors. I stepped out on to the veranda and absorbed the heat of the fading sun.  

The room was filled with Sandalwood incense with a hint of my favourite sensual ylang ylang essential oil and citrus lemon to ward of any mosquitoes 

My host was charming with jet black hair and almond coloured eyes and was lean but strong. 

The setting was amazing with lots of drapes, candles, exotic Balinese real flower mandala, crystals and soft chanting mixing with the sound of the sea.

The massage was to take place on a futon style mattress on the floor with the doors open on to the veranda inviting the night sky in. 

I felt very much at ease, held by the ambience and spiritual aura that prevailed. I slipped out of my beach dress and prepared for the massage. I quickly felt trusting and comfortable and strong spiritual connection so gently removed clothing. My nakedness respected at all times.

We started with a word on boundaries then moved onto slow paced soothing Tantric rituals as well as Tantric Breathwork.

Then his finger tips traced over me like reading a map of the human spirit. His touch was tantalising and brought waves of emotion up from deep within me. 

The energy flow was electric and lasted for hours culminating in an emotional climax deep within unlike anything I have experienced before. I wept tears of joy.  

By the time I recovered my senses it was very late and I felt glued to the spot. My Tantric master host kindly offered that I could stay. I slept so peacefully alone. 

I awoke at daybreak to sounds of chorus of multitude of birds and smell of fresh brewed coffee. 

I just lay there contemplating life and the most beautiful experience of the night before

Whilst my kind host prepared breakfast of fresh fruit and nasi goreng I waited on the veranda drawing in the fresh salt air

I showered and dressed and strolled back along beach this time with only the dogs for company. 

I learned a lot from this long skilful Tantra session. There is always a room to grow and learn more and I feel better equipped to provide long sensual or Tantric experiences here in cosmopolitan London. In my ambient studio which promotes a sense of calm, serenity, adding to setting and pleasure of the session. I would like to share time and space if you are ready ;)

Sun soaked hug

Joy xx


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