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Did you know there are many unique museums in the world such as the Vagina Museum in London

There is also a penis museum in Reykjavik, Iceland. A unique collection of over 200 penises from sea and land mammals such as seals, walrus, whale, bear, as well as Homo sapiens. If you ever find yourself in the land of fire and ice, you might want to pay a visit!

I did go to Iceland and yes I did go and have to say it's one of the most quirky and wacky museums I have ever visited! I was not fortunate enough to see the Northern Lights but rather I layed my eyes on lots of strange looking phalluses, from across species of all shapes and sizes, from various whales to hamsters and everything in between, they've got it all. And before you ask, yes, there's even human specimen!

But let me tell you, it was an eye-opening experience (pun intended). Who knew there could be so much to learn about the male anatomy across species? I mean, where else can you find yourself face-to-face with a preserved member of a sperm whale?The museum itself is quite... intimate, shall we say? It's not every day you find yourself surrounded by glass cases filled with, well, you know. I couldn't help but chuckle my way through the exhibits, and I may have even picked up a souvenir or two (I'll let you guess what those might be). Let's just say my bookshelf has never looked more... educational. Anyway, I just had to share this unusual experience with you, dear massage enthusiasts :) If you ever find yourself in Iceland and have a penchant for unconventional museums, you know where to go!Until then, stay curious (and maybe keep an eye out for any unexpected surprises in your travels). Maybe one day there may as well be a prostate museum to raise awareness. 

If you need to rest and relax after your adventures in a beautifully mesmerising Iceland, you find me near London Bridge. I will look after you and your prostate well in a safe set and setting or we can leave out your prostate for the time being and devote more attention to your phallus if you wish ;)

Before I go I wanted to share a little research and some interesting statistics. 

The Prostate gland and the Seminal Vesicles are known as the accessory reproductive glands  and are located by the rectum, their secretions play an important role in carrying sperm to the female tract during intercourse.


Body weight 65kg 

Testis 40,5g

Seminal Vesicles 9g

Prostate 20g

Relative size SMALL

Bonnet Macaque

Body weight 7.1kg 

Testis 7.2g

Seminal Vesicles 6.2g

Prostate 6.0g

Relative size LARGE

Brown Rat

Body weight 0.3kg 

Testis 3.9g

Seminal Vesicles 0.07g

Prostate 0.2g

Relative size LARGE


With a warm wintery hug

Joy xxx

Images from Penis Museum

various phalluses displayed
Penis Museum Explored

From hamsters to elephant sizes

Phalluses in water jars
Most unusual museum

its all about dicks sign
Literally phalluses everywhere you look


directly from The Phallus Museum in Iceland Museum's website

'Sexual selection affects the sizes of the mammalian prostate gland and seminal vesicles'

Current Zoology Volume 55, Issue 1, 1 February 2009, Pages 1-8


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