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picture of figs on tree
Fresh figs awaiting to be harvested

On my recent travels to India I came across a magnificent fig tree and it started me thinking about the relationship between the fig and prostate health.

It turns out that the humble fig has important roles to play in men's health. We all know that regular bowl movements are important and that fiber in our diet is essential for this. Well figs are high in fiber and have high levels of antioxidants so aid bowl movements which in turn reduces stress and inflation risk thus keeping the prostate healthy.

Not only this but the fig has for centuries has been promoted as an effective antidote to problems some men encounter with sexual function or rather dysfunction be it erectile problems and lack of stamina.

Full of zinc and magnesium together with amino acids these minerals support the male reproductive system (sperm production) with added benefits of increased labido and staying power. A naturally tasty remedy ;)

And it's not just the fig......

Walnuts and almonds with vitamin E and calcium are believed to help prevent cancer of the prostate and eating soft fruits packed with antioxidant such as raspberries, strawberries and blueberries in your diet can help maintain good prostate health.

All men should be thoughtful and mindful of what they eat to support their health and in particular their prostate health. Are Figs, nuts and soft fruits in your menu?

Always remember that the natural gifts of nature which are good for your prostate are usually also good for the rest of you ;)

In my Bath Ritual I offer a selection of various healthy nibbles to enjoy whilst being pampered in the tub for two. Now enriched of the mighty figs option.

Why not join me for a sensual relaxing therapeutic bath and prostate massage ? Or a wonderful Tantra with rituals of your choice.

With a warm wintery hug

Joy x


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