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massage treatment from london to abroad
Windy Tarifa - Southernmost point of Continental Europe

Following on from my Greek Odyssey last summer I was again fortunate enough to be whisked away to warmer climbs recently.

A new client on recommendation from his urologist sought out my prostate massage services.

Having endured what seemed endless rain in May I was delighted for the chance to travel south to the sunshine and potentially assist in helping a prostate owner with his prostate issue.

My generous client also seeking to get away for some sun and sand engaged me on a professional basis to provide an intensive and therapeutic series of massages combing our popular Internal Smooth and the ever so wonderful pmilk detox.

In between these massage sessions I found relaxing time in the beach of the southernmost point of Mainland Europe with Africa visible on the skyline, where my prostate owner client would indulged in widespread kite surfing and I relaxing on the beach soaking up vitamin D.

Combing the massage, sun, some exercise and healthy Mediterranean diet with lots of water he reported seeing considerable improvement in his condition. I feel recharged and energised ready to see more of you, my wonderful clients, to assist on your own Prostate journey.

Warmest embrace Joy



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