Enjoy The Magic Of Your Prostate For Better Health And Pleasure 



Here at ProstateJoy London, we are proud to have pioneered the art of professional and experienced prostate stimulation for our clientele for both pleasurable and health-improving benefits. Whether you are looking for internal or external prostate massage or are instead seeking the immensely pleasurable prostate “milking” experience, we are here for all your quality prostate massage needs and relax you in the process.

Prostate gland is

 a gem for life

deserving the best

of your care.


While prostate massage can be enjoyed in much the same way that any other form of massage can, it is also known to create positive and beneficial effects for the human body too. Whether you are simply looking to improve your general health or have a particular issue in mind, such as erectile dysfunction, an enlarged prostate, prostatitis or need full emotional release, prostate massage could be exactly what you are looking for. 

The prostate itself is responsible for the production of semen, the removal of toxins, the flow of urine, the control of sexual drive and also hormone metabolism among much else. The massage of the prostate can therefore help remove toxins from the gland, improve blood circulation, reduce and soothe pain and inflammation and encourage nerve stimulation in the area. But prostate massage is not just only beneficial to the body either, for it can also provide a pleasurable experience for those looking to further explore the joys that their erogenous zones and “G-spot” can provide them, but who aren’t sure of where to start or have hit a rut when it comes to their experimentation.



Are you thinking to yourself that this seems like something that could help you,

but you are a bit too nervous to pick up the phone to give us a call? It is completely normal to feel nervous about taking the step towards better prostate care, but in much the same way you would go to any other wellness practitioner for any other issue, it is important that you take care of your prostate too. We entirely understand that the first time coming to us may be a bit nerve-wracking, so we encourage you to ask us questions and to tell us how we can make this a more relaxing experience for you.  

All treatments undertaken by ProstateJoy London are preceded by a deeply relaxing full body massage to help reduce your stress and get you comfortable for the experience itself. Our therapists are kind, gentle and welcoming, professionals in their craft but genuinely loving interacting with their clients too, empathetic at every turn for your utmost pleasure and comfort. Holistic studio is designed for your utmost relaxation, with decoration of non-toxic candles, greenery and aromatherapy coupled with necessities like fresh towels, filtered water and a private shower room for you to enjoy. 

We would also like to comfort you with the knowledge that £10 of the fee from each appointment will be donated to a local cause of the client’s choosing from three main areas of homelessness in London, environmental planting trees and a local animal sanctuary. We believe that no matter what else is happening in the world, we should always keep the most vulnerable among us in our thoughts and do all we can to help and support them.

from your session
goes towards a reputable charity alleviating London's homelessness, planting trees in England or animal aid:


Here at ProstateJoy London, each client is approached by our team with the utmost respect, care and kindness and we insist that our treatment centre is a judgement-free zone geared entirely towards your health and happiness for bringing your mind and body into total alignment. We look forward to hearing from you and helping guide you to a happy prostate, one of the essentials in your life. 

Your prostate gland is so misunderstood 

This vital organ that makes you feel good

You need it to flow

For as everyone knows 

Without it nobody glows

The prostate gland is vitally needed

To transport fluids that must be secreted

You need it to function 

Guiding fluids at its junction

To know that you have fully succeeded

Your wonderful prostate can take you on an amazing journey of a deeper self-discovery.

You can learn all about your male G-spot at any point, especially if you want to keep your prostate full of vigour, help heal prostate issues, and, if you enjoy heightened pleasure. 

We only live once. Its worth to become an explorer and an adventurer of the unique hidden gem within the pelvic area.

November is a prostate and testicular health awareness month. Don't reduce your awareness of your three special gems only for the month of November, be conscious every day that factors such as your life style and care can affect them. Do a self check periodically.

Become the CEO of your precious gems today and every day. 


There is no shame in prostate. 

In fact, there is a lot to contemplate.


Your prostate is responsible for:​

  1. Helps to produce semen  

  2. Mixes prostate fluids with seminal vesicles 

  3. Pumps semen which may result in a procreation

  4. Generates pleasure sensations 

  5. Responsible for erection 

  6. Prostate filters and removes toxins

  7. Prostate stimulation can produce exceptional orgasms

  8. Prostatic secretion can protect woman against urinary infections 

  9. Controls the flow of urine 

  10. Integral part of sexual drive

  11. Hormone metabolism 

Why Prostate Massage?

It can help remove toxins from the gland

More oxygen can reach the gland alongside better nourishment as a result

It can improve blood circulation and chi in the area

It can reduce and soothe pain as well as inflammation in the area

Comfort and healthy nerve stimulation in the area

Conditions Prostate Massage Can Help With:

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH)







Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Prostate Massage Essentials

Successful Prostate Treatment 

Open Mind

As mind and body are connected, first of all you need to be fully open to try prostate massage.

The Right Therapist

The prostate gland is a very sensitive area and the therapist performing this type of treatment should be well trained and experienced.

Well trimmed nails are a must for prostate massage. Long nails not only highly unfomfortable, it could cause scratches and cuts to the prostate lining.


Make sure your therapist sticks to good hygiene, washing hands, cleanliness and using either condom or gloves for prostate massage itself.


A relaxing, warm, safe, private space are necessary for prostate massage and its full enjoyment.

Relaxing Massage

Before prostate massage itself it is essential to quieten the mind and relax the body with a quality, hot oil relaxing massage.


"I was diagnosed with an enlarged/cancerous prostate at the beginning of the year. I was having urinary flow problems and infrequent erectile dysfunction. Joy's prostate massage is definitely helping me with both. Another plus is that she is a lovely person"


Colin, Southend


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