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Enjoy Your Prostate For Better Health And Gentle Surrender Into Unknown Pleasure

Meet your experienced, friendly Female Prostate Massage Therapist 



A Warm Welcome to my man's 'centre of gravity' site :)
Whether you are someone who is curious about the sacred G-spot massage sensations or you are,
already a somewhat experienced prostate owner, I invite you to try my uniquely crafted professional, therapeutic, Tantric style Prostate Massage and enjoy the benefits you can receive from it.
Be it a new sensation of pleasure never experienced before, heightened climax, full body pleasure or therapeutic relief for your enlarged prostate, chronic prostatitis, and improving ED function
or both come and experience unique pleasure and therapeutic benefits all in one. 

Whether you are looking for internal or external prostate massage or are instead seeking the more extensive and advanced prostate “milking detox" experience I am here for you


I assure a safe, discreet, relaxing, clean, comforting and hygienic environment in my private INCALL studio in Southbank near London Bridge station.

I can also provide OUTCALL in Central London, please contact me to arrange.

(for OUTCALL I dress either smart, sporty, casual style, never in a flashy way)

Before Prostate Massage itself you will receive my East meets West Tantric Massage.

(I use both components of authentic Eastern Tantra which is about energy, connection, love, subtleness, pressure points, as well as the Western type which is more about body to body massage movements, erotic strokes etc.)


Naturist warm hug.

Tension and stress relief deep body work.

Nude, medium pressure full body massage including proper bum rub.

Body to body massage.

Silky, feathery touch.

Sensual, gentle, slow-paced soft touch and strokes with massage reach under.

Swedish and Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi massage strokes.

Caring CuddleMassage.

Relaxing, soothing nurturing massage.

Exquisite therapeutic lingam massage.

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To create the best and safest experience for us both, I follow a Covid 19 protocol:

  • hand sanitiser, soap in place and frequent hands washing

  • letting fresh air in after every session

  • sanitising areas frequently touched e.g. door handles often

  • fresh clean towels for each client

To create the best and safest experience for us both, I follow a Covid 19 protocol:

  • hand sanitiser, soap in place and frequent hands washing

  • letting fresh air in after every session

  • sanitising areas frequently touched e.g. door handles often

  • fresh clean towels for each client

Massage increases levels of endorphins ("the happiness hormones")

such as serotonin and dopamine which leave you feeling more positive, enthusiastic,

and relaxed - and increased wellbeing projects into increased productivity 


While prostate massage can be enjoyed in much the same way that any other form of massage can and


beyond, it is also known to create positive and beneficial effects for the prostate and its surrounding area.  

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Before P-spot pinnacle massage itself  it is very important to reduce stress, unwind, relax and let go.  So enjoy my Tantric style massage using a 100% natural, light rapeseed hot no-scent oil

(or 100% raw, sweet warm coconut oil)


Why have a happy ending when you can have a happier ending?

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Image by Daniel Andrade
Aromatheapy Oils
Image by Galina N

Discreet, relaxing, impeccably clean

My studio is designed for your utmost relaxation and comfort, with all we need for our session as well as soothing decoration and ambience;  fresh towels, modern rainfall shower and a range of shower accessories, massage oil, non-toxic candles, greenery, flowers, comfortable Japanese futon (or massage table if you prefer), soothing collection of music, aromatherapy, warmth, filtered water, a choice of herbal teas, cleanliness and tidiness throughout. 

For sacred G-Spot massage itself I always use a disposable latex finger cot (or vinyl gloves if you prefer),

natural water based lubricant and loads of tender loving care! :)


Prostate gland is a gem for life deserving the best of your care.


Dont Shy Away From The Secrets of Your "Back Door" Area

There is no reason to think that any anal stimulation can ever make you gay. It is not something that is exclusive for the gay community, rather it is enjoyed both by heterosexual men as well many women.

The anus area has gazillions of sensitive nerve endings just as the prostate gland has and this has not only potential health benefits, when performed right, but also creates highly pleasant sensations, ranging from tingling to waves of strong energy within the whole body, different from the penile ones. ​






You don't need to worry as there are hardly ever any "accidents" as any potential matter is further up the intestines and finger protection is used for hygiene purposes both for receiver as well as giver. 

In all the time I have been doing prostate sessions I can remember only one accident. True story!


Just as women can experience different forms of orgasms, so can men. Prostate orgasm feels different from the penile one. 

Relax Body Prostate

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Sacred G-spot

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Potentially pleasurable blissful experience

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Relax Body Prostate

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With my amazing prostate massage, your hidden gem has the potential to take you on a wonderful journey

of deeper self-awareness and self-discovery.

Its never too late to learn about your male G-spot, especially if you want to keep your

'centre of gravity' full of vigour, help heal prostate issues, and, if you enjoy the potential of heightened pleasure. 


We only live once. It's worth to explore one self.

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Strong Man

There is no shame in prostate. 

In fact, there is a lot to contemplate.


Functions of  Your Prostate:

  1. Helps to produce semen  

  2. Mixes prostate fluids with seminal vesicles 

  3. Pumps semen which may result in procreation

  4. Generates pleasure sensations 

  5. Responsible for erection 

  6. Filters and removes toxins

  7. Stimulation can produce exceptional orgasms

  8. Prostatic secretion can protect woman against urinary infections 

  9. Controls the flow of urine 

  10. Integral part of sexual drive

  11. Hormone metabolism 

Conditions Prostate Massage May Be Preventative/May Help With:



- promotes drainage from the prostate duct, minimizes swelling and improves urine flow.



- before the advent of antibiotics, prostate massage was the standard treatment for chronic prostatitis. It can help relieve stress and swelling by releasing fluid that has accumulated in the prostate. 


- promotes drainage, minimizes swelling, improves urine flow and stimulates blood flow 

Although there have not been any large scale studies on the effectiveness of this natural, holistic ancient therapy, there has been much anecdotal evidence over the years, men swearing by prostate drainage. As much as prostate massage can have its benefits it may not be enough on its own. A healthy, unprocessed food diet, exercise and other life style factors  are necessary for the optimal functioning of the

prostate gland. 


- G-Spot massage can indirectly help with PE. With P massage a man can develop a better body awareness which helps with PE. A good way to tackle PE, among other ways is conscious breathing and 'start and stop' technique also known as 'edging'.

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What sort of men get prostate massage? 

It is encouraging to see that just like the capital of the UK - London - is diverse, so are the men who have had a prostate massage done by me! 

I have had prostate owners of all age groups, from early 20s to 70+

Prostate owners from all seven continents

All religious groups 

Prostate owners from all walks of life

Image by Sharon McCutcheon

What are the most common reasons men have a prostate massage done with me?
  • Increase the potency of pleasure
  • Reach full body orgasm 
  • Curiosity
  • Potential therapeutic benefits (ED, chronic prostatitis, enlarged prostate)
  • Try something new
  • Explore one's body more
  • Hearing from friends or the internet about its mind blowing effect
  • Personal recommendation
  • Not a good previous experience with someone not aware of how to perform prostate massage properly 
  • Unpleasant experience due to long or sharp nails :(
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The Joy of Prostate Health


  1. Your prostate gland is so misunderstood

This vital organ that makes you feel good

You need it to flow

For as everyone knows

Without it nobody would


  1. The prostate gland is vitally needed

To transport fluids that must be secreted

You need it to function 

Guiding fluids at its junction

To know that you fully succeeded


I was diagnosed with an enlarged/cancerous prostate at the beginning of the year. I was having urinary flow problems and infrequent erectile dysfunction. Joy's prostate massage is definitely helping me with both. Another plus is that she is a lovely person


Colin, Southend


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