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Some of you ask what is the difference between our 'P Milk Detox' session vs Internal 'Smooth' one and here these few lines will hopefully help a bit :)

The Internal Smooth session is geared towards first timers and is extra gentle. Your prostate is massaged anything from few min to about 10min. With your permission Lingam massage gets added to it simultaneously.

Whereas Prostate Milking Detox is geared more towards already somewhat experienced prostate owners who would like to aim for pure prostate orgasm. (if you are relaxed about getting your first prostate experience you can go straight to P Milk Detox session)

In Prostate Milking Detox we massage and stimulate your prostate for about 10 - 20 min. Prostate orgasm is usually much harder to achieve hence we cannot give any guarantees as such... though if achieved the sensations are unlike anything you have ever experienced before. In contrast to lingam climax, prostate orgasm is much more potent, a bit like a 'big bang', ineffable, epic whole body orgasm...

If we intuitively see that pure prostate orgasm is not achievable at this occasion, we add lingam massage (towards ideally a simultaneous climax)

Usually after a prolonged prostate massage your prostate starts generating a milkish or transparentish liquid called 'prostate milk".

Both types Internal Smooth and Milking Detox provide therapeutic benefits for your prostate albeit the latter slightly more given longer stimulation.

Hope this makes it a little more clear dear prostate owners? Of course both sessions are preceded by a relaxing, therapeutic, sensuous, tender loving care naturist massage to relax your mind and body for prostate experience. And of course we always have only short trimmed fingers, use finger protection (typically finger cot) and lubricant.

Have a great rest of your day, peace and relax.

P J 🤗


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