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Erections can be painful if a man has Peyronies condition and consequentially some times it comes to a psychological impotence. When a man doesn't get erections it still is essential to move semen out of of his system. As when semen is accumulated and for a long time periodically left sitting in, accumulating toxins, thru toxic overload there is a bigger chance of prostate cancer. Or prostatis. If there is no regular ejaculation per se, milking your gland can be very health promoting and therapeutic. Emptying your prostate gland during Peyronies condition curbs sexual desire for the time being and keeps prostate gland healthy.

When your penis is straightened and erection goes back to normal, prostate milking will thru its increased blood circulation keep everything moving inside. Some times a "full load" of semen in the prostate gland makes one horny. When pressure is removed from from the gland with prostate milking, one can become able to control erections better.

When gland is not full of semen, the body does not need to ejaculate.

When one releases semen with milking, he will be sexually calm. He will not get spontaneous erections that cause you pain. This will enable one to be comfortable while you are correcting Peyronies condition.

You don't have to let a Peyronies Condition cause you unnecessary pain. Or, cause you health problems down the road.

Prostate milking can be the most beneficial, therapeutic, and comforting practices while you are handling the erectile pain of Peyronies disease :)

Prostate Massage and Health, Peyronies Disease and Prostate Milking by William Zmachinsky


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