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Yes, you that is so. And there are urologists such as Dr Sperling who recommend this natural method. There are many things a man can do to reduce his risk of being diagnosed with a cancer of the prostate. One of them is prostate massage. The good thing is that it is a pleasurable experience!

Prostate massage is an organ that as well provides pleasurable sensations when stimulated. Just like women's g-spot.

This makes prostate massage not only a healthy activity, but also a highly joyous one. During the massage, the prostate is stimulated both on the outside against the perineum and on the inside through one’s rectum. Pressure is applied on these areas, generally highly enjoyable.

Other benefits of prostate massage include treating erectile dysfunction. Many men have found it effective in producing more potent ejaculations as well as orgasm.

Dr Sperling recommends prostate massage once every month is a healthy routine for those with a healthy prostate. On the other hand, those with swollen prostate could make use of a prostate massage once a week to help minimise the swelling, as well as improve one’s urinary function and sexual performance.


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