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Did you know that Chronic Prostatitis condition, affecting a significant portion of men, can be a cause of premature ejaculation?

There have been many studies supporting this view, one of them a cohort study of 153 men undertaken by Rany Shamloul, MD, and Abdelrahman el-Nashaar, MD, from 2006.

Inflamed prostate gland was found in 64% and chronic bacterial prostatitis in 52% of the patients with PE, respectively, showing statistical significance.

Chronic prostatitis can be tackled with antibiotics which is usually the first remedy one opts for. As it is a well established fact nowadays, with over subscription, many antibiotics have gained a resistance and don't work as well as they used to.

Many men who have a stubborn chronic prostatitis which is resistant to treatment with antibiotics, look for alternatives. One of these can be a prostatic massage. When performed in a safe way it can be one of the natural and effective ways to help the prostate heal within.

If you would like to try for yourself feel free to contact us. As with many natural remedies there can never be a guarantee that this will work for you. We all are unique individuals with a unique makeup and what suits one might not be as effective for another. It remains for you to see and try for yourself.

We welcome you to our safe, clean, relaxing, discreet and private space in Central London, close to the Shard and the Thames river.

With warmest wishes

Prostate Joy xx


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"Chronic prostatitis in premature ejaculation: a cohort study in 153 men" , Jan 2006


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