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Hands on body work prostate milking detoxifying drainage which includes prostate circling massage, prostate acupressure an prostate "mapping" can all be part of releasing emotional blockages stored in the body. Emotions can be trapped in various parts of the body tissue including the prostate and in mostly Asian as well as Middle Eastern cultures body work has been used for centuries and millennia's to release emotions. Many men who have a proper prostate milking detox experience sensations of physical as well as emotional release with extended stimulation of the prostate. Gentle yet firm pressure brings about myofascial release alongside chi flowing freely within the whole pelvic floor. The pelvic floor including the perineum and prostate, play an important aspect in emotional and energetic health of a man and should be taken a good care of.


Massage World, Sep 2, 2020, Releasing Emotions Trapped in the Tissues by John Upledger


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