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The mighty mushrooms beckon to be added to your plate so immerse yourself in the kingdom of mushrooms coming in all shapes, forms and tastes... its worth the tasting adventure and noteworthy lowered cancer risk.

A large, long-term study in Japan, published in the International Journal of Cancer,in which 36 thousand men (ages 40 to 79) participated indicates that eating mushrooms is associated with lesser risk of prostate cancer.

Prostate cancer starts to form when cells in prostate gland begin to grow out of control.

According to the lead author of this study, "...mushrooms have the potential to prevent prostate cancer". To add, the author states that "although our study suggests regular consumption of mushrooms may reduce the risk of prostate cancer, we also want to emphasize that eating a healthy and balanced diet is much more important than filling your shopping basket with mushrooms."

Mushrooms are full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and can mitigate against oxidative stress.


Science Daily, Tohoku University, "Large, long-term study suggests link between eating mushrooms and a lower risk of prostate cancer", October 7, 2019.


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