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art first then massage
Male anatomy in colourful artsy display

Dry orgasms refer to the experience of orgasm without the release of semen during ejaculation.

In this sense I dont mean retrograde ejaculation which is a different arena.

Dry multiple orgasms are another level of climax, beyond interesting and fascinating phenomenon for me!

I have seen this many times in the event of stimulating the prostate which can produce ultra strong multiple orgasmic sensantions with loads of waves of stupendous, electrifiying energy abounding. More often then not these closely spaced orgasms are dry and feel different from the regular penis orgasm followed by ejaculation.

On the other hand, having red the book Multiple Orgasmic Man" by Mantak Chia, based on the Eastern Taoist principles ( as well as witnessing this several times in person with diffent practicioners) I am also familiar with multiple orgasms without any stimulation of the prostate, where a combination of techniques is used, including breathwork and stimulating the lingam.

Quality potent prostate stimulation as well as Mantak Chia's multiple orgasm technique can both lead to dry orgasms which can be part of a new landscape of sexual and energetic pursuits. More often than not these phenomena only tend to improve and heighten with practice alongside an increased body awareness.

It can be rewarding to dig into a whole new spectrum of bodily sensantions which is so intrinsically intertwined with mindfulness and feelings.

With Joy and Happiness

Joy xx


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