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Have you thought that you knew it all about your prostate?

Here are some curious nuggets Dr Andrew Siegel from New Jersey Urology points out, in case you missed out on those :)

  • The prostate first grows during puberty. Second growth spurt starts at around 40 years of age.

  • A man without a testosterone would not develop a prostate.

  • A mans prostate is 70% gland and 30% muscle.

  • Young man have a prostate about the size of a walnut. As a result of various factors the prostate grows and can constrict the urethra which can result in urinary issues.

  • Skene's glands are a female version of the prostate in ladies.

  • Prostate produces 'milk", serving as a form of nutrition for the sperm.

  • Prostate massage is at times necessary to perform by urologist in order go obtain a exemplar for laboratory examination.


New Jersey Urology, Prostate Man's Centre of Gravity, by Dr. Andrew Siegel


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