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Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, Ontario, recommends both conventional and alternative therapies for issues of the prostate and see what works for an individual affected. If a man has a prostatitis, antibiotics would be the first to prescribe. Depending on the prostatitis, they could be combined with prostatic massage which helps draining the prostate. Or other, conventional treatments can be prescribed.

Mount Sinai Hospital points out other, alternative therapies to the conventional ones for prostatitis:

  • phytotherapy (herbal therapy) - can be good for mild symptoms and for a healthier prostate - e.g. saw palmetto, pygeum africanum, quercetin, flower pollen extract, stinging nettle, pumpkin seed extract, uva-urzidiet and lifestyle - less stress, good diet, less caffeine,

  • Diet and life style - less stress, less caffeine, healthy food, exercise, etc


Mount Sinai Hospital, Prostatitis - A patience's guide


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