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Here at our massage studio near London Bridge we recommend not to drink coffee and other caffeine drinks just before any massage as this can prevent you from relaxing completely and getting more into your body instead of being in your mind. For most people the effect of coffee stimulates the central nervous system which increases alertness, focuses the mind, increases breathing and heart rate, and may increase blood pressure. These effects are the opposite of what our therapeutic sensual massage is aiming to achieve. Furthermore, caffeine acts as a diuretic, meaning that it tends to make you go to the toilet more, which can prevent you from enjoying your massage without interruption.

Our delicate sensual touch calms your mind and body with our relaxing, therapeutic, sensuous massage. It is harder to put your mind at ease and deeply relax and for your body to experience increased awareness if the effects of caffeine are working in the opposite direction. So let us treat your mind and body to maximum relaxation and let us stimulate and arouse your senses naturally with our sensual nurturing of your mind and body.

After your lovely session it is best to keep hydrated with mineral water and if you can extend the relaxation by doing something tranquil you enjoy even better. If you need to get back to work and to help you concentrate and focus on your matter better then it can be helpful to get your caffeine fix some time after your massage session.

Have a positively charged day and we hope to see you soon for a personalised session

Prostate Joy 🌸


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