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Alluring TANTRA Room

舒适的双人按摩床,配有 f坚固的床垫 - 按摩疗法的理想选择







茶点 - 过滤水、花草茶或 100% 新鲜果汁





一次性床单 - 每次使用都清新卫生!




What Products I Use in Massage Sessions?  


I believe in quality and optimal hygiene. I like to think of everything the way I would like to be treated if I was in the position of a receiver/client. Hence I like to use also quality products in my session, I think it is essential part of it all. So, you can be calm all is well :)

Disposable Eco biodegradable Bed Sheets and Mini Towels  - super absorbable, soft, made from natural materials in the UK to ensure a 100% germ free massage experience 

Alcohol Wipes - Pro Hygiene collection



Light, non-sticky, no scent 100% Grapeseed massage oil and a variety of aromatherapy essential oils (flower and herbal ones) all vegan, cruelty free and ethically sourced.


Non-toxic Natural Candles 

from ethically sourced Swedish NON-GMO and additive free rapeseed oil, with a clean burning void of toxic paraffin, benzene, toluene, soot or fume. 

Coraz Home Store 


Purely Prostate Massage Items:


Water Based Safe Dermatologically Tested Anal Lubricant  

EagyGlide Adult Store 



Finger Cots/Medical Gloves 

Hand Sanitizer 

Eco Hydra antimicrobial alcohol free foam

Prostate Friendly Refreshments

Your prostate and overall well being deserves well. I believe we can positively influence our health with optimal nutrition and overall healthy lifestyle. 

When you visit me you can expect to be offered healthy prostate refreshments/relaxation inducing state of being,  for example: 

tomato juice.png

Tomato juice

Containing loads of lycopene which can help reducing the risk of prostate cancer as well as can help shrink enlarged prostate

Stinging Nettle Tea


Can help tackle symptoms of enlarged prostate.

nettle tea_edited.jpg
blue lotus flower tea_edited.png

Blue lotus flower tea

acts as an aphrodisiac, helps reducing any anxiety and connect with subtle energies. For an immersive, heart expansion massage.

Reishi Mushroom Tea

is one of the best medicinal mushroom for prostate given it can help protect against prostate cancer and inhibiting the inflammation of men's prostate.

watermelon for prostate.jpg
reishi mushroom tea.jpg

Watermelon Juice

is packed with lycopene and antioxidants and other goodies, helping men's prostate stay away from cancer cells. Plus the taste is so delicious and refreshing :)

Choose your session

With Prostate Massage

Without Prostate Massage

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