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man in exctasy
Men's Prostate changes with arousal

There is something peculiar about man’s prostate organ in that it transforms depending on man’s physical and mental state of arousal.

When a man is in a ‘normal’ state the prostate is soft. When any prostate owner is aroused, then the prostate starts getting harder, and the more aroused one becomes the harder it gets.

In some respects, it is easier to locate the prostate once aroused. This is partly why arousal in combination with relaxation and comfort (achieved through our nude sensual body to body massage with Tantric elements) are the best and most fertile ground for prostate massage to take place. Another reason is that the chances of truly enjoying a prostate massage are magnified when in tandem with arousal.

On ProstateJoy menu there are different types of sessions where I provide prostate massage in a slightly different way. You can read about the difference between those two sessions ‘Internal Smooth Prostate massage’ and Prostate Milking Detox’.

As the enjoyment and arousal of prostate massage and sensual nude massage is culminating, we can feel progressively that the prostate is getting harder to the point of becoming rock like. It is at this very point when we are certain that this is the moment when our prostate owner is about to have a Big Bang, Big O, Full Body Orgasm, ….. and wow! When it happens it is Big.

Why not explore your body and try various modalities including prostate massage. You are in safe hands, safe environment, enjoying soothing collection of music, hot oil and caring, soft yet firm touch and massage. Add Tantra or sensuality components and let anything that does not serve you any more melt away.

With soft hug,

Joy x


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