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The amazing prostate responds pleasurably to various types of finger strokes and motions. Two fingers are optional and might be more ideal for already experienced prostate owners. Depth of pressure 0.5cm to 2cm depending on what is comfortable for prostate owner.

Side to side

This type of stroke looks a bit like windshield wipers in motion while applying pressure onto the prostate creating pleasurable sensations.

In and out

Fingers reaching all the way stimulating the prostate, applying pressure and staying still. Then moving finger from top down, either maintaining the same pressure or releasing.


Making circling massage motions in clock wise as well as counterclockwise direction on the prostate, covering the whole surface of the gland. Pressure is usually firm and maintained, as long as comfortable.

Come here finger motion

Works perfect for releasing and moving the prostate's fluids in their natural direction.


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