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Prostate massage can bring about various sensations

Sometimes it so happens that when we start massaging the prostate, after a moment or two the prostate owner starts feeling like he needs to go pee pee. Most often than not it is a false signal your brain interprets as an urge to urinate. As when your bladder is full it presses onto your prostate.

So, just like with any other massage, please make sure prior to your session, to empty yourself in the bathroom, so that we even more make sure.

The pee sensation, if it happens, then it occurs mostly with first timers as it is all new to them. If this comes about, we try less pressure which may help cease the sensations. There is no need to worry there would be a pee accident, we have never come across such an occurrence! :)

We have experienced all kinds of reactions with the G-Spot stimulation. As we are all unique this is to be expected. We strive to provide you with the best experience where ever you find yourself; be it a complete beginner or experienced prostate owner. We proceed carefully and gently, as well as with the utmost hygiene, cleanliness and ease in mind. We make sure not to cause you any pain or discomfort.

In many instances our clients feel like prostate stimulation acts as a ‘charger’ to a better stronger more mind blowing energy release.

We have super short nails, wash hands properly and use either finger cots or gloves for protection.

We treat each client as an individual, kindly, delicately and try our best to assure comfort. Come down to our location just a few moments from London Bridge to have some 'me' time. And do not worry, if you are not keen on prostate, or feel like it is not your time to try just yet, you can experience our art of sensual Tantric massage with our own unique signature.

Seize the day

Joy xxx


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