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A healthy prostate equals a healthy and sexually fulfilled male according to Biotherapy clinic in San Francisco, United States.

Therapeutic prostatic drainage has been done for thousands of years in various parts of the world, to help make sexual condition perfect. According tho the clinic, in the past several years number of medical journals have published articles with benefits of prostate massage be it for infertility, BPH, sexual challenges, chronic prostatitis.

San Francisco Biotherapy clinic advocates and performs prostatic massage which helps to release congested fluid, cleanses as well as can help shrink the prostate gland, opens passages, stimulates blood flow and improves circulation hence the prostate glands gets in more blood, oxygen, nutrients, and white blood cells, helping it to improve any prostate chronic infection or inflammation in the prostate as well as get stronger orgasms, improve sex life and increase libido.

According to the Biotherapy alternative clinic, therapeutic prostatic massage can as well improve the tone of pelvic muscles which can help with urinary incontinence.


Prostate Massage Cleansing, Biotherapy Clinic San Francisco, California


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