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Simon Buckley7:55 PM (1 hour ago) to me Just as when one is getting a deep tissue massage and experiencing physical relief from tension, one can also go through a form of emotional release while receiving a body based therapy. Body based emotional release through deep body work is no longer a woo woo science but has been gathering an increasing "body of evidence" in recent decades. As well as simple touch therapy, especially the loving, intuitive and warm type it also has significant benefits on the human psyche. Stored negative emotions of anger, stress, fear, etc may show up as aches, pains and tension. Depending on the individual and his unique make up, negative emotions can accumulate in different parts of the body, including the Sacred Spot. Letting go, both in the mind and body, aided by a deep pressure massage can help release emotions in the form of laughter, twitching, sigh as well as tears. I have seen it all and there is no shame in expressing yourself in any way. We offer a nurturing, supportive and safe space making it easy to release and just go with the natural flow. A good body work session usually comes with natural de-stressing qualities and it is not unusual to feel like a heavy weight has been lifted off of one's shoulders after treatment. Many of our clients tell us that they feel physically and emotionally "lighter". A massage, including a Sacred Spot massage, can bring about healing, relaxation and release. It creates a balance as well as a higher state of health and wellbeing. Breathe in deep relaxation, breathe out any tension and "let go" as you receive a 'me' time deep body work with delicate sensual prostate drainage massage bringing about mind and body connection. Any questions? Please don't be shy and get in touch. With a warm hug Joy xx


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