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Have you been troubled by prostatitis? Currently the use of antibiotics has been oversubscribed and overused resulting in antibiotics often becoming less effective and has led to the emergence of superbugs, resistant to antibiotics.

As much as there is certainly a place for antibiotics, some men afflicted by recurrent prostatitis look for alternatives.

According to the integrative urologist Dr. Mark Stenglar rye pollen is one of the best supplements to take for the treatment and prevention of prostatitis. This extract is a phenomenal natural agent that resolves chronic prostatitis and chronic pelvic pain syndrome in a great number of men.

Several studies have demonstrated that rye pollen improves symptoms of CPPS and prostatitis including prostate pain.

A study published in the British Journal of Urology looked at the effects of a commercial rye pollen extract on 90 men with chronic prostatitis. These men were given one tablet, three times daily, for six months. Patients' symptoms were checked by laboratory tests and doctor evaluations after three and six months. Researchers found favourable results in 78 percent of the men: 36 percent were reported cured, and 42 percent improved. This represents significant results for a condition that conventional medicine has difficulty treating.


Dr Mark Stengler, Healing the Prostate, 2021, Hayhouse.


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