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Ive done a fair amount of prostate massages by now to realise a few important essentials. For prostate massage to be successful, relaxation, breath and arousal are so important within the massage aspect itself, besides good hygiene, positive safe space, candle lit atmosphere, warmth, feeling safe etc. For just a therapeutic prostate massage ('Bare Prostate') good relaxing massage ideally with tension and stress relief, alongside relaxation breath work techniques are all it takes to have a healthy therapeutic experience; be it for prostate enlargement relief, chronic prostatitis or just part of prevention.

To feel pleasure as well from the prostate, beside the therapeutic benefits, most men need to be aroused. As prostate, the lingam and everything in between is intimately interconnected among each other as well as with the brain signals and its correct interpretation. And that is where Tantric style massage comes in place - from a nude, connective hug to full body massage, sensual and sensuous touches, body to body massage, soft as well as firm touch, long strokes, using body weight for deep strokes, meticulous slow-paced care for each body part, hot sensual oil, subtle sensual aromatherapy essential oil diffuser, visual titillating moments , stimulating erogenous zones to achieve sexual energy flow, soothing comforting music as well as nurturing, loving rub. Every aspect counts towards the potentially best experience. Despite the best efforts, about 10% of men might not feel pleasure the first time round. Be it due to slight nervousness (if this is their first time) from going into the unknown, their prostate taking longer time to "awake", or simply prostate might not be their top erogenous zone. There is no right and wrong, every prostate owner is unique with different sensations and level of body awareness. One way or another it can be great to try prostate massage and experience its potential in pleasure.


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