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Jenni Skyler, PhD, a sex therapist and board-certified sexologist who runs the Intimacy Institute in Boulder, Colorado, says in addition to its biological functions, the prostate also helps prolong sexual pleasure.

This special area has a ton of nerve endings and can generate an explosion of fascinating pleasure. "Prostate stimulation triples the intensity of an orgasm and generates a colossal volume of ejaculation. There is no need for a concern that any penetration in the backdoor area penetration will turn a man into a gay, that is a myth and completely untrue.

In Dr Jenni's opinion, all men should try prostate stimulation and surrender to one's biggest orgasmic potential. She says "I encourage you to adventure into your own lands before you write off that which you have yet to try"


Boulder Weekly (July 15, 2010), The Prostate Pleasure Principle, Boulder, by Dr. Jenni Skyler, accessed online at


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