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According Charlie Glickman, PhD, a sexuality educator, renowned international speaker, sexological bodyworker and author, the prostate has a multitude of health benefits

Prostate massage can alleviate symptoms of enlarged prostate and in some cases also prostatitis. Massage helps to squeeze out and release trapped fluids from the prostate which can get caught up in the gland. Massage also increases the blood flow. Given the prostate has a very low vascularity it doesn't get much blood flow. Massaging it can increase blood flow which can be very helpful.

Given lots of men have pelvic muscle tension from sedentary jobs, chronically tight pelvic muscles can cause prostatitis because the muscles squeeze the gland and irritate the tissue. Massage can help with this issue.

Men who have prostate area stimulated get more awareness of the prostate gland, its functioning and if any issue is to arise they can pinpoint it more quickly.


Pure Pleasure Shop, Prostate Pleasure and Health With Charlie Glickman, PhD.

Aug 8, 2017.


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