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Just like ladies can strengthen and build up their pelvic floor with or without Venus balls or the gem eggs and as a result heighten sensations during intimate time, so can men help their prostate get into better shape :)

Prostate exercise strengthens the prostate and helps cleanse it of toxins by increasing blood flow through it. After all, the prostate is both a gland that secretes seminal fluids, is a muscle that pumps it out for our pleasure, and is a filter that removes toxins.

As the prostate is both a gland and a muscle, prostate exercises help keep the prostate toned. So exercising the prostate makes good sense. An added bonus of prostate exercising is that it helps you control ejaculation and the duration and strength of your erections. Nice bonuses! :)

Prostate exercise happens by engaging your PC muscle. It stretches from the pubic bone to the tailbone, supporting the inner organs of the pelvic area and the function of the sphincter muscles (and and bladder sphincters).

In men, Kegel exercises also help to squeeze the prostate gland, which allows more blood to flow through it and helps to cleanse it.

That's why prostate or Kegel exercise for men are recommended for treating prostate conditions like enlargement, from benign prostatic hyperplasia, and prostates, inflammation of the prostate. Kegel exercises can also be used for treating urinary incontinence because these exercises strengthen the bladder sphincter. In only about two weeks of Kegel exercises men can feel a difference.

Add prostate exercise to your mesmerising prostate massage or prostate milking to experience the indulgence of your own bodily sensations. Carpe diem



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