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Annually about 48,500 men get diagnosed with prostate cancer, which is over 130 each day. Prostate cancer incidence has been increasing over the years despite the fact that cancer experts claim only 3 to max 10% of all cancers are inherited from our parents.

You can do a huge part to minimising and preventing your risk of prostate cancer:

Improve your diet

Consuming less trans fat and saturated fat and eating more omega 3 fatty acids from nuts, seeds, wild fish

More fresh vegetables and fruits especially cruciferous, lycopene veggies and leafy greens.

Green tea and fermented soy - consumed largely in Asia where is the least prostate cancer incidence.

Eat less fried, grilled, charred meat.

Optimal Weight

Obesity tends to increase risk of getting more aggressive prostate cancer.

Stop smoking and reduce alcohol intake

Kick the bad habits and if drinking alcohol, moderation is the key.

Be sexually active - number of studies point to men's ejaculations (be it with a partner or other ways) help preventing them from prostate cancer. Experts suggest that ejaculation releases toxins out of the body which otherwise could cause inflammation.

Increase vit D - best source of Vitamin D is pure sun so get out on the sun to get a free vitamin D dose :) If this is not possible on cloudy days be sure to get vit D from e.g. wild salmon or dried shiitake mushrooms. Vitamin D can help protect agains many cancers and other conditions.


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