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Prostate massage used to be the norm decades ago (before the advent of antibiotics) and used to be performed by the doctors. Nowadays prostate massage is more known for its potentially immense pleasurable experience...

Nevertheless, prostate massage is still suggested or recommended as an alternative solution to prostate health issues such as prostatitis or enlarged prostate, in which it can greatly alleviate the condition. Or can be used together with antibiotics.

New Orleans urology recommends prostate massage for chronic prostatitis as one of the ways to tackle this challenge. Chronic prostatitis has similar symptoms to enlarged prostate, i.e. difficulty to urinate and more frequent urge to urinate. Chronic prostatitis, unlike acute prostatitis, is rather recurrent and long term condition.

Any man can develop prostatitis during their lives. Although men can minimise their risks, for example, by reducing the risk of groin trauma, avoiding sexually transmitted infections, staying well hydrated, avoiding alcohol, poor nutrition.

Tulane Doctors Urology suggests for chronic prostatitis, besides conventional medicine, alternative methods including frequent prostatic massage, biofeedback, relaxation technique. Antibiotics can be taken alongside prostatic massage or drainage, 2-3 times a week because ducts and glands in the prostate might be blocked, creating little pockets similar to abscesses. It is believed that prostate massage can unblock these abscesses after which they can drain better, this way also antibiotics can penetrate better.


Tulane Doctors Urology, Infections/Prostatitis


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