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Massaging the biggest organ - skin - can amazingly awaken numerous erogenous zones of a man. Each male has his own unique sensitive areas which vary in their potency. Some men have highly erogenous nipples whereas others behind the ears. The word erogenous comes from Greek and means love (eros) producing (genous). Stimulating erogenous zones, including the inner ones - prostate and anal regions - generates pleasurable response including relaxation, promote blood flow, build arousal, flow state, and orgasm - its highest peak. Erogenous zones are located on various parts of the skin depending on the concentration of nerve endings. As they tend to be sensitive, giver needs to be gentle handling them and stimulating them in the process.

It can be nice for a receiver to experience different sensations, such as feathering, hot oil, ice cubes, vibration, ylong ylong sensual essential oils, etc.


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