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Prostate Manual Therapy as part of Visceral (internal) Organ Manipulation by Time magazine recognised Barral
What I discovered, a long time ago, is that Prostate Massage, when done properly can be beyond pleasurable; it's increasingly associated with various health benefits.
It is wonderful to see there are countless advocates; among those is Jean-Pierre Barral, a renowned osteopath and registered physio therapist from France. He has been recognised by Time Magazine as a leading innovator in healing. Barral is known for his work in so called visceral manipulation, a manual therapy focusing on internal organs and their influence on physiological functions. As a director and faculty member at the University of Paris School of Medicine, he has developed techniques that involve stimulating the prostate gland, leading to numerous benefits for men. Through manual therapy, Barral has observed improvements in the mobility, hardness, and other aspects of the prostate, highlighting its potential for promoting men's health and well-being.I couldn't but purchase Barral's book to further improve my prostate massage skills.

Given I have performed many Prostate Massages by now I could not have missed how men can truly benefit from a thorough prostate stimulation, especially in case of Chronic Prostatitis and BPH also known as Enlarged Prostate. I am thrilled to have found out about Barral and his amazing work which gives concrete evidence to the benefits massage can have on internal organs, not forgeting the mounting evidence of how tissues in our body can store emotions and trauma. This fascinating phenomena, which in the past might have been considered woo woo, however has since become an a factual science. 
I have seen it numerous times where a prostate owner would experience a big unexplained emotional release when I stimulated his prostate. This including men who had previously experienced sexual trauma releasing blocked emotions while I worked on their sacred spot with a good, healing massage. Each person is unique and negative experiences in one's life can manifest in human tissue and may have an impact on one's health. This is why it can be beneficial to have a good quality therapeutic massage and release not only tension but also release any stuck energy.
Our emotions are a form of energy. I welcome you to visit me for a for a theraputic massage, be it prostate or perhaps in the first instance a non prostate massage, I will make sure you feel comfortable in my hotel style relaxing massage studio.
It all starts with being comfortable which is an essential part of the set and setting for a positive experience. 

Thank you for your reading and I wish you to be well

Joy xx


Manual Therapy for the Prostate, Jean-Pierre Barral, The Barral Institute, 2010.

Critically Acclaimed Barral Institute for Visceral Manipulation


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