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man holding heart next to his intimate area
All men should love their prostate

Often we meet lovely prostate owners who are under the impression that they have tried prostate massage with another therapist or their partner. When they receive our prostate massage often afterwards we we discover that they have never in fact had their prostate touched, stimulated and massaged.

What they must have had before is "back door" play which feels imensley pleasurable to many men (given the multitude of nerve endings) if open to it. Or some men enjoy a ‘rose bud massage’ which is a simple and joyful massage of the backdoor area without going in.

With real prostate massage your sacred spot gets to be properly massaged by us within your own comfort level. If it transpires that you also enjoy "backdoor play" we can incorporate this into your prostate massage session, however we find that this is less therapeutic for your prostate as well as less effective re reaching the big O in comparison with "staying focused" on your amazing prostate gland and effectively pressing and stimulating different areas. So wether experienced or novice, focused or experimental we have the expertise and knowledge to deliver a beautiful Theraputic Prostate Massage in our safe, clean and inviting space. We look forward to being part of your men's health journey.

Warmest wishes

P J xx


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