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The little bulged like walnut sized gland is a couple to few inches inside the rectum; as no body is the same, some men have prostate gland located further and some closer from the rectum. Prostate milking, given very sensitive area, needs to be handled very gently aaaaaaand slowly for it to be a good experience. Lubricant as well as hygiene protection for finger are essential part of it. When touching the prostate in circle clock wise motion, right pressure suitable to receiver needs to be applied.

It is quite common to have a heightened orgasm and different experience over all.

When having prostate milking experience it is essential to stick to hygiene in order to avoid infection as well as adhering to gentleness and smoothness in order to not cause any rupture in the sensitive area in the rectum area.

Prostate milking can be pleasurable to most men, just as well as this therapy is seen as improving enlarged prostates.


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