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There are four different types of prostatitis and many men unfortunately will experience at least one of those during their lives.

Depending on which type of prostatitis you have, you would have a different treatment suggested by your urologist. Luckily, most cases of prostatitis are solved with antibiotics.

There are cases that do not respond to conventional treatments and this may possess a real challenge onto the prostate owner. Florida Urology recommends, among other, also alternative treatments, in this case to try a repetitive prostatic massage, to drain the prostate ducts, and plant extracts (bee pollen, quercetin), heat therapies, biofeedback, relaxation exercises, omitting consumption of spicy foods and caffeinated, acidic beverages as well as avoiding bike riding in order not to exacerbate the current problem.

Prostatitis is not a life thretening condition and most probably can be tackled with the right therapies and positive attitude.


Florida Urology Physicians


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