Updated: Dec 26, 2020

1.Prostate produces and secretes alkaline fluids during ejaculation, helping sperm survive in acidic vaginal environment.

2. Prostate's mixed fluids are an essential part in impregnating a woman's egg.

3. Prostate gland also serves a function of a muscle without which it would not be possible to pump semen out through the penis.

4. Prostate makes intercourse desirable.

5. Prostate is also called G-spot. Stimulating this gland can control ejaculation, can lead to prolonged orgasms as well as so called "injaculations" where no semen is expelled. Injaculations are mostly done within Taoist and Tantric sexual practices to keep the energy within.

6. Prostate filters and removes toxins in order to protect sperm.

7. Prostate erection nerves are crucial for man's erection.

8. Prostatic secretions protect the urethra from urinary tract infections.

9. Prostate controls the flow of the urine as well as prostate muscles direct the right fluids flow at the right time - urination or ejaculation. If this is damaged, incontinence can occur.

10. The prostate gland converts simple testosterone hormone into a minimum ten times more potent testosterone. To much prostate toxicity in prostate may result in less libido.


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