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Dr Dittman and Prostatic Massage

There are many holistic and integrative doctors out there. One of them is Roy Dittman O.M.D., from Santa Monica, California. He

still uses and teaches prostate massage. It may be a natural, drug-free alternative for a variety of prostate problems. According to Dr. Dittmans, the muscles and tissues in this area, especially the abductors, obliques, and psoas, put pressure on most prostates and bladders to some extent. When the muscles and tissues around the prostate become stiff, the prostate becomes pliable and difficult to beat normally. When the muscles are tight, the prostate doesnt expand and contract with each breath, so it doesnt get the blood and oxygen it needst to stay healthy. This tightness can be alleaviated

by massaging the prostate from the outside. Internal prostate massage is even better. Internal prostate massage is an extension of the digital rectal examination.

A doctor or naturaopathic doctor can gently massage an enlarged prostate to make it softer and smaller. Prostate massage can also be done by a loving partner or therapist. (this has been done as part of Tantric pra

ctice for thousands of years)

Dr. Dittman says that even just an occasional massage can soften the prostet and the tissues around it, making the process more comfortable. Patients are often given an internal prostate massage when they say they have never been completely emptied. With just one massage, the glands and surrounding tissue are released, inccreasing blood flow and energy flow to the prostate, re

leasing tension in this sensitive area.

This new physical opennes allows more blood and oxygen to reach this area, helping it heal and softening the entire prostate. It also makes you a better lover.

If you would like to try our gentle, soothing and nourishing Internal "Smooth" Prostate massage you can arrange with us over WA, text, ca

ll or email.

With Men's Health Wishes

Joy cc


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