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There are a few contraindications for prostate massage including acute prostatitis (please note in the case of chronic prostatitis prostate massage IS recommended) painful hemorrhoids and prostate cancer.

Prostate Cancer is one of the most common cancers affecting men's health especially in the Western world. There are some clues that something might not be right and being aware of these might just allow for an early diagnosis should the worst happen.

The early warning signs are; Blood in semen or urine, painful "burning sensation" when peeing or ejaculating, erectile dysfunction, peeing lots especially at night and trouble going or not being able to stop peeing. If the above aren't obvious then other signs could be weak urine flow, pain around the prostate when sitting, lower body swelling, pain in the back/hip or in the bone, changes to bowel or urinary patterns or unexplained weight loss. Please note however these symptoms are shared by many other, less-serious conditions.

If any of these signs are noticed go see your physician as early diagnosis and treatment is often more successful. Prostate enlargement, whilst not cancerous, should also be taken seriously and medical attention sought.

If you have any symptoms it is best to be on the safe site, check with your urologist before getting a prostate massage.

Prevention can go a long way so eat as much as you can nutritious foods that love you back (fresh veg and fruit etc), do some exercise that you enjoy, relax and avoid toxins. Prevention is better than cure.


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