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If you suspect you suffer from prostatitis (inflammation of your p gland) and you are not sure which one it is, there is a crucial test - urinalysis - which your urologist or andrologist can perform, to find out which type you are having. For prostate massage it is necessary to know which type prostate owner is dealing with; acute prostatitis is a definitive contraindication to prostate massage; on the other hand for chronic prostatitis prostate massage can be one of the most beneficial things to do for your gland.

Prostatitis causes similar symptoms like enlarged prostate does.

Some of the symptoms are:

Pain in the perineum

Pain in the penis or testicles

Painful ejaculations

Urgency to urinate

Pain in the abdomen, groin or lower back

Difficulty urinating and peeing more frequent

As name "acute" suggest, this type of prostatitis tends to be accompanied by fever, chills, yuckiness, nausea, etc, unpleasant feelings that make one seek a specialist asap. Whereas chronic prostatitis is rather an ongoing and at times 'enigmatic' condition where it can take some time to recover from.


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