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"You are what you eat" said allegedly Hippocrates and this as well reflects on the health of your private area. Foods from vegetables have a tendency to alkaline your body.

It turns out that hiding meat from your dinner plate is also a good thing for the health of your penis and prostate (and your other parts as well). When you go grocery shopping for your private par, head to the produce section which is like nature's pharmacy. Vegetables and fruits are made of thousands of molecules that nourish and repair our body in ways we are only beginning to understand. Nitric oxide (NO), is critical to the health and function of your best friend down there. The best sources of nitrates are powerhouse vegetables such as beets, lettuce, arugula, and spinach.

Watch this excerpt from the amazing documentary Game Changers to get an idea what the kingdom of veg does to your "meat" down there!


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