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For many men, anal touch is very stimulating and adds to the intensity of pleasure. There are just too many nerves to go unnoticed, both on the outside as well as inside. With a lubricant and a finger protection, gradually and slowly moving finger in deeper while checking the receiver is comfortable and adjusting fine. Then finger can be wiggled back and forth, in and out etc. This can give the receiver an unknown backdoor pleasure never felt before! Some times a man who comes for prostate massage might not be into prostate pleasure but rather into anal pleasure. Pure Prostate pleasure is from the prostate gland being massaged in various ways and different pressure, depending on the sensitivity of the receiver, in some men culminating in a much more intense orgasm when both lingam and prostate being stimulated at the same time. Or, in some instances in pure prostategasm where orgasm is achieved only from the prostate, bringing about blissful state, powerful full body orgasm, unknown wave of energy, electrifying feeling and sensantion.

Trying both pleasure for your self through experimenting is the best way to find out if this is for you! :)

With love and hug

Joy x


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