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Gentlemen, are you looking well after your


third nut? 


Only males have a prostate gland which exists in the pelvis and is about as big as a walnut

Traditional Perspective

From the point of Eastern Tantra and Taoism,  the male G-spot and prostate gland is akin to a storehouse of emotions. This is the place where men store their negative energies; in fact the Taoist view suggests that about 80% of negative emotions are stored within the prostate while the rest of the body holds 20% of the emotions. Prostate massage releases emotional as well as physical toxins from your reproductive system.

Health perspective:

 For preventative purposes; medical research has demonstrated that regular ejaculation and sexual activity including detoxifying prostate massage reduces the risk of prostate cancer.


It may be able to help treat erectile dysfunction given the improvement in blood glow resulting from massaging or milking the prostate. As erections are mostly a result of good blood flow.

With prolonged use, men report firmer, thicker erections. 

​It can help improve urine flow.  If a man has a swollen prostate, the prostate can irritate the bladder, causing the urine flow from the bladder through the urethra to be slow. With massage such inflammation may decrease hence improve the


​It can alleviate painful ejaculation

         As much as it is rare, this may happen. Any infection or inflammation in the epididymis, prostate or seminal vesicles, tight pelvic floor muscles can be reduced by prostate massage and make ejaculation less of a pain. ​


​It may be able to help treat prostatitis. Bacterial infection may cause  prostate inflammation. Conventional treatment is the use of antibiotics  however some doctors have been using prostate massage as a treatment  method with positive results.


Alleviating symptoms of enlarged prostate. For men over 50 years old this is an extremely common problem. The most common issues are painful urination and frequent urination.  

Protects sperms

Regular massage can be great if you are trying to conceive. 



The Pleasure Perspective  

The man's sacred spot is packed with thousands of nerve endings, which means that when it is stimulated it feels really good. In reality, some men are able to reach orgasm from prostate stimulation alone.

Unlock the most pleasurable and intense orgasm you have ever had. 

According to some research, there can be 33% bigger orgasm and beyond in some men. 

In addition most men feel rather a whole body orgasm rather than a penis centred one. 

Prostate massage can be done with or without sexual intentWhen chosen for sexual pleasure, the powerful prostate orgasms not only lasts longer, they release more ejaculate - cleaning the prostate from inside out..

Reasons to have a prostate massage 


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